With cold weather and cloudy skies in Paris right now, we’re daydreaming about the places around the world that enjoy sun at this time of year or year round! Our minds are on the brands and boutiques that offer swimwear and warm weather accessories all year, especially those joining us soon at The Big Small Show! Whether you’re craving some summer sunshine with us or soaking up the sun where you are, let’s take a break and enjoy a sneak peek at some of the brands that have all the warm weather essentials and will exhibit at Playtime Paris and/or Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, or are available to order year round on Orderwizz!


Here comes the sun!


A wave of summer-ready brands at the The Big Small Show in Paris…

Other brands coming to Playtime Paris: Kekai Kids, Arsène et les pipelettes, That’s Mine, The New Society, Sproet & Sprout, Soft Gallery, Bean’s Barcelona, Bobo Choses, Picnik Barcelona


Take a beach vacation to visit these Playtime brands in New York…

More Playtime brands coming to New York: Feather 4 Arrow, Pink Chicken, Bean’s Barcelona, Kickee Pants


Dive into a sea of brands at Kid’s Hub in New York…

These brands will also be at Kid’s Hub in New York: Cheryl Creations Kids, Deux par Deux, Andy & Evan, Rebel de Planete, Huxbaby, Baby Steps


It’s summer year round on Orderwizz…


We feel like we just went on a lovely beach vacation after taking this sneak peak at the sunny swimwear and accessory brands that will be at The Big Small Show this winter! Get your pass to meet them at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, and make your free buyer account to get a dose of sunshine and shop swimwear year round on Orderwizz!


Header photo from Petites Pommes
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship