A frequent friend we love to feature here at Playtime is Claudia Cabrero Málaga! This mother, content creator, and photographer is behind the inspiring Instagram account @olivalclauca. Often working with brands she meets at Playtime Paris, she helps them with photoshoots, or even to collaborate on creating unique products.

To kickstart the new season, let’s take a look at some of the SS24 kid’s collections Claudia worked with to create campaigns! Some of these brands are available on OrderWizz, meaning you can order them all year round. Others will be back again this summer to exhibit at Playtime Paris, so make sure to save the date to discover their new collections June 29 – July 1. With her trustworthy models, her daughters Valentina and Olivia, let’s discover SS24 kid’s collections photographed by Claudia!


Jelly Mallow

Having met at Playtime Paris, Jelly Mallow and Claudia have been collaborating for several seasons. In this Spring-Summer 2024 capsule collection, bright colors and playful prints get a vintage twist, adding Claudia’s nostalgic aesthetic to the cheerful Jelly Mallow collection.

(Shoes by Pèpè children’s shoes)


Vac Vac Studio

Vac Vac Studio’s SS24 collection features their iconic stripes in vibrant new colors. It also features a brand new print, titled “Bakers Gonna Bake”. This new print has hand-drawn details that highlight the delicacy of the baking world.



For their new collection, Happymess is taking us to Summer Club! A space where kids can express themselves through play, laughter, and imagination, the products are vibrant and fun. Reminiscent of the summer sunset, playful pinks, sunny yellows, and ocean blues dance on thoughtfully designed garments.

See & order the collection now on OrderWizz!

kid's fashion collection
(Shoes by Pèpè children’s shoes)


Konges Sløjd

Konges Sløjd is a creative brand that offers everything families need – clothing, shoes, home goods, babygear, toys and more. For this spring-summer, cherries, swans, and more decorate their products. Cool gingham pieces and florals cover everything, from the cutest hats to doll strollers, bringing the season to life in pastel perfection!


Wolf & Rita

For this season, Wolf & Rita is singing An Ode to Summer! A celebration of the sun shining and long days, it’s like a big, warm hug. The perfect time of year for adventures and fun, Wolf & Rita is celebrating all season long with laughter, play, and quality time spent with loved ones.


Bebe Organic

This summer, go on an endless voyage of discovery with Bebe Organic’s new collection. Titled “Dreamscapes,” this collection weaves a tapestry of childhood dreams brought to life. Delicate florals and warm colors will wrap kids in clothes that enable them to remain carefree.


Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses’ new collection is a tribute to folk traditions. Gather in the streets with products that are bold and colorful. Celebrate culture and life with this collection that is lively and cheerful. Vibrant personalities and mix and match looks await in this collection perfect for soaking up summer sun.


Letter to the World

Take a journey into memory with Letter to the World’s new collection! Tapping into the beauty of nostalgia and family memories created on trips taken together, the collection honors the new foods, sights, and smells discovered around the world.

SS24 Kid's Collections
(Shoes by Pèpè children’s shoes)



Drawing inspiration from kids’ laughter and love of nature, Minimalisma’s new collection is called “Modern Day Poetry”. Just as poets do, kids invite us to take a moment to soak up our surroundings. Full of sustainable qualities, Minimalisma’s new collection is comfortable, timeless, and beautiful.

kid's fashion collection


Repose AMS

Open the door to meaningful conversations with Repose AMS’ new collection, “Hi, How Are You?”. Designed to start the convo of style and self expression, it’s full of looks that are genuine and warm. Sweet colors, relaxed silhouettes, and unique materials meet in this discourse.

(Shoes by Pèpè children’s shoes)


These SS24 kid’s collections have us ready for summer! Thank you to Claudia and all of the brands for sharing this beautiful imagery with us and our community. We can’t wait to see what next summer will hold as we gather for the events of the season! Jelly Mallow, Vac Vac Studio, Konges Sløjd, Wolf & Rita, and hundreds of other brands already have their booth, so other brands should be sure to fill out their application for the summer shows before it’s too late! Click here to fill out your application for Playtime Paris on June 29 – July 1 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York July 28 – 30.


Header image from Jelly Mallow
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship