As a world renowned leader in the fashion forecasting industry, our partner Fashion Snoops outlines the trends to inspire brands’ collections and inform buyers shopping a few months later. Exclusively for Playtime, discover the must-have trends for SS23 in full detail, to make your shopping at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York easier than ever! Learn all about the colors, silhouettes, prints, and patterns to have in your store next summer, and check out some of the amazing brands that you can meet at the shows! While you’re exploring the aisles of the shows, be sure to check out the trend spaces by Fashion Snoops to see examples of these trends from brands you can shop on-site!

Let’s get ready for summer and discover the two key trends, POPPY HILL and ZEST!



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It’s in the midst of summertime’s simplicity that we relish in the therapeutic quality of nature. Taking comfort in the knowledge that Winter’s bleak and barren landscape always leads to Spring’s blossoming flourishes, we never take for granted the fleeting beauty and humility of abundance. It’s from this place of gratitude that we find Poppy Hill. A magical place filled with wildflowers, it’s a touchstone for the soul as it demonstrates the delicacy and ephemeral quality of nature, making this moment in time all that more precious. Inspired by the lush bouquet of nature, the color palette is rich in vegetal greens and sun-dappled yellows while vibrant pinks, purples, blues, and oranges mimic the vitality of flower petals. The aesthetic is romantic yet humble, incorporating flowing frocks with more modest gingham, sustainable cotton, and barely-there details, showcasing the strength, fragility, and transient beauty of nature and life.


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children's SS23 trends

In a visualization of emotion, Zest celebrates a child’s uninhibited display of feelings and the unfiltered, and often effusive, way they express joy and wonder. Capturing life through a child’s lens, this hyped and happy aesthetic is captured through intense, serotonin-packed brights that boost our mood and spark all the senses. The touchy-feely materials, from gummy textures to shiny performance stretch, continue to illicit elation and awe, lending to a dabble in the active realm while flashbacks of childhood nostalgia bubble up with a ’90s twist in the form of baggy pants, cropped tops, oversized tees, and track pants.


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Get colorful for SS23 and envision ZEST in your store!



We can’t wait to discover the trend spaces Fashion Snoops will bring to life with pieces from brands’ new SS23 collections! Get your pass to inform your shopping and make sure to attend their seminars to see their presentation of POPPY HILL and ZEST Monday, July 4th at 11:00am in Paris and Monday, August 1st at 3:00pm in New York!


Can’t wait for the shows?

Brands have already started uploading their SS23 collections to the Marketplace, so you can start shopping these trends now!

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