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Playtime offers you a sunny break with a group of 11 Spanish brands from our own Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace.
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BOBO CHOSES’ collection is fun, away from the monster of routine in the digital age. Started in 2008, the brand began making high-quality children’s clothes, accessories, and even beautiful homeware. Environmentally and socially conscious. Bobo Choses makes every effort to have sustainable production by manufacturing locally in Spain and using organic and recycled materials.



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A brand born from the heart and from the deep love, TOCOTO VINTAGE feel for crafts and things made with love. A lover of vintage and romantic style, they try to give all of their projects this air of yesteryear, sweet and poetic. Each collection tells a different story but always with the same old spirit. All TOCOTO VINTAGE collections are characteristic for their personal character, always bohemian and vintage garments, old patterns adapted to current pieces, handmade effect, well cared and elaborated knitwear.



kid's fashion brand

The Campamento means letting your creativity fly, having a serious commitment with fun and passion, loving our planet and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. Their collections are made mostly of organic cotton with care in the details and in the image and it shouts creativity and freedom, curiosity and enthusiasm of childhood.



kid's fashion brand

“Do you remember your favorite clothes when you were little? the answer will be Búho.” The brand places emphasis on quality and a range of colors and exclusive prints. Providing a soft and cuddly feeling as the result of significant hard work, the brand ensures that the quality of all its clothes range lives up to its high standards.



children's fashion brand

BELLE CHIARA’s universe correlates with passion. They pay careful attention to details and highly skilled craftsmanship, ensuring the best quality. Every Belle Chiara design in which quality, comfort, and exclusivity are signs of identity, carries the DNA and values of the brand. This makes their unique pieces very personal, with a style of their own.



kid's fashion brand

Dadati was created 2009. Natural fabrics, creative prints, clean lines, and comfortable shapes, result in a creative and functional collection. Sustainability, slow fashion, conscious clothing are the core rules for the brand. The brand puts all its care and effort into achieving the highest quality standards and care for details.



children's fashion brand

NAPAANI ORGANIC believes in a carefree, relaxed, and enriched way of life. Dressing children who are in contact with nature, who play and explore the outdoors, the brand’s committed to the environment and the people within it. Napaani thrives for the wellbeing of both by making functional and creative designs, full of energy and love, using natural and organic materials for your most precious little ones.



children's fashion brand

Coco au lait has stayed true to its creation mantra which is to fuse Latin colors and embroideries with European design. But look, there’s more to the bran, It’s softness, comfortable shapes, easy to wear. The brand is all about finding ways to enjoy life together with the little ones, playfulness, and wit.



kid's fashion brand

Founded in 2010 Bean’s Barcelona creates children’s clothing using soft cotton fabrics, light colors, and comfy shapes. You can see in their collection, the essence of the sea, the sun, and the sand. They have become a 100% eco-friendly brand, in commitment to the atmosphere and, of course, with the inspiration for all of this: the babies.



kid's fashion brand

EVERYONE HAS THE POWER TO #INSPIRETHEWORLD, yporqué believes in design that focuses on the very people destined to wear the clothes, or in other words, designed for children. They believe in The power to change. The power to choose. The power to dream. The power to smile and make a better world.



Bonmot is conceived, designed, and produced with great care and attention, most of their garments are made with 100% organic fabrics, sustainable, and farmed without chemical agents. Their collection is certainly treat to our eyes.
Made locally in Barcelona, enjoyed globally!
And of course….
Camper, Carelia, Bon Mot, The Campamento, Doddle & Co, Bibu, Cosmosophie, knit a buddy, BaYíRi, Jellymade

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