Spring has sprung, so restock your store with all the top colors! Outlined for us by Fashion Snoops, there are four key trends you won’t want to miss including in your store for Spring-Summer 2023. From bold brights to pretty pastels, our kids’ fashion and lifestyle experts have selected immediate deliveries on Orderwizz that bring these color palettes to life. With a product for each color in the palettes from Fashion Snoops, inform your buying and add all the must-have colors to your store!


Discover the top colors for SS23 on Orderwizz!



poppyhill - fashion snoopsPoppyhill color palette by Fashion Snoops

The Poppyhill color palette draws its inspiration from nature. Vegetal greens and bright yellows contrast with the vibrant pinks, purples, blues, and oranges that borrow their colors from wildflowers. This bouquet of beautiful shades will make your offer feel like a blossoming garden, brightening up little wardrobes and adding sunshine to every day.



zest - Fashion SnoopsZest color palette by Fashion Snoops

A trend centered around ’90s nostalgia, the color palette for Zest is full of hyper-saturated shades. Meant to invoke happiness and an electric energy, these colors embody the core concepts of this trend: positivity, self expression, and self acceptance. Shop bold statement pieces that will stand out in your store and on the streets as children play, learn, and grow.



Daybreak color palette by Fashion Snoops

A peaceful palette that celebrates the shades found in natural dyes and the world around us, Daybreak is calming and cool. Tranquil blues, browns, creams, and greens balance out bolder shades of pink and orange. A trend focused on unisex looks, Daybreak adds a sense of balance and harmony through its variety of pleasing hues.



starship fashion snoopsStarship color palette by Fashion Snoops

A blend of retro and futuristic, Starship’s color palette brings dreamlike colors to real life. Candy-coated and surrealist, the shades range from sweet pastels to bold bursts of super-pigmented brights. Add a sense of fantasy to your selection with these colors that are ready for vacation in Palm Beach or Pluto.


Spring-Summer 2023 is full of beautiful colors and amazing products! We hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to shop immediate deliveries on Orderwizz to add the top colors of SS23 to your store. There are just a few weeks until buyers, photographers, and other professionals can get their pass to the summer shows where Fashion Snoops will unveil the SS24 trends via an insightful trend presentation and inspiring trend spaces. Mark your calendars for registration to open May 2, 2023 to join us at The Big Small Show in Paris, Shanghai, and New York.


Header photo from Fashion Snoops
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship