Let’s keep celebrating Earth Day!

A common source of inspiration, nature can be found decorating hundreds of collections. From fashion to accessories, jewelry to shoes, our kids’ fashion and lifestyle experts have made a specialized selection to restock your store with kid’s Earth Day fashion from Orderwizz. Following four themes, we’ve also found international organizations working to preserve our world for generations to come. Restock your store in no time with these immediate deliveries decorated in motifs inspired by nature to help little ones celebrate Earth Day in style.


Get wild: animal motifs

Whether in subtle repetitions, all over prints, or a single image, everyone loves animals! Go on a safari, a garden picnic, to the woods, the farm, and dive into the ocean with these playful motifs. While tapping into our wild side, we also thought of ways to give back to animals and the smiles they bring us. Donating to the World Wildlife Fund or your local animal shelter are great ways to thank our furry friends!


Out of this world

Stars have navigated our ships, the sun offers us warmth, and the moon moves the tides. With astrology having become so popular and new rockets launching, many brands have turned to the sky for their SS23 collections. In celebration of the warmth and guidance the celestial world offers the entire world, why not give back to another entity that knows no boundaries by helping the international organization Doctors Without Borders. Created to help people worldwide, this organization is as incredible as constellations.


Eat your fruits & veggies

They’re not just for dinner – decorate garments with fruits and vegetables to enjoy this Earth Day! From berry blasts to snappy peas, silly citrus to clothes that will drive kids bananas, we love these looks that are good enough to eat. In a world where there’s enough food to go around, helping out at your local soup kitchen or assisting organizations like the World Food Programme are great ways to help out those trying to get food to those who need it.


Florals for every occasion

Sew the seeds of sweet looks with these freshly picked products! Simple pastel prints, leafy laurels, bright bouquets, and graphic flowers all can be found in the garden of immediate deliveries on Orderwizz. Planting flowers, coming together to help at a community garden, or helping out nonprofits like the Environmental Defense Fund. Keep our world as fresh as these outfits by doing your part to help keep Earth clean and healthy.


At Playtime, we love to celebrate kid’s Earth Day fashion every day. With sustainable brands on our B2B ordering platform, Orderwizz, and exhibiting at our trade shows in Paris, Shanghai, and New York, we love to shine the light on outstanding work within and outside of our community. Whether you’re celebrating Earth Day with kids’ fashion and accessories or by helping out organizations like the ones we’ve mentioned, we hope you’ve enjoyed our Earth Day week as much as we have!


Header photo from Tiny Bunny
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship