Innovative or classic, sneakers or sandals, these kids shoe brands come from around the world to exhibit at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York! Each brand has their own unique identity that brings something special to the industry. Sharing a piece of their country as they bring their collections to the international market, it’s beautiful to see that Spanish brands can be found in Asia, or Australian footwear in the United States. Let’s celebrate the different teams, from France to Denmark, the Netherlands to the Brazil, and everywhere in between, as we take a look at some of the kid’s shoe brands coming to the summer shows!


Go Team France!

Voulez-vous the coolest shoes? These French brands have it all, from the most stylish sneakers to adventure-ready sandals, socks and more. Each bringing something of the French “Je ne sais quoi,” you won’t want to miss meeting them at The Big Small Shows!


Go Team Denmark!

Nordic design never looked better! These shoe brands bring simplicity, practicality, and sustainable footwear to the forefront. Stylish staples take on functional twists as these shoe brands pitter patter to the podium.


Go Team Netherlands!

Shoe specialists or multi-disciplinary, these shoe brands are sure to please parents and kids alike! Coming from the Netherlands, their whimsical designs are comfortable and playful. Animal inspired or neutral, bold and bright or beautifully basic, don’t miss discovering their latest collections this summer.

Donsje Amsterdam in Paris and New York


Go Team Italy!

That’s a good sign, when a pair of shoes is made in Italy! These shoe brands bring traditional craftsmanship to the market today. Using unique design details and know-how that has been built over centuries, their new collections are sure to wake up your offer like a strong shot of espresso!


Go Team Brazil!

As sunny as the country they’re from these Brazilian shoe brands stand out with their perky prints and warm colors. Ready for the beach, the city, or any other adventure little feet want to go on, don’t miss the chance to meet these brands.

Tip Toey Joey at Playtime Paris


Go Team Spain!

What’s better than paella? Good shoe brands! With every style and occasion in mind, these Spanish brands make collections you can’t miss. As complements to their fashion offer or their entire business, these brands bring a hint of Mediterranean style to any store.

Maá at Playtime Paris


Go Team USA!

These shoe brands are sure to stand out! From the United States, they bring their own aesthetic from around the country to the worldwide footwear market. Bold, beautiful, and unique, you won’t want to miss discovering their latest products.


And representing their countries…

These brands will represent their countries! Offering unique items like shoe laces and accessories for them, the most stylish sneakers, or statement sandals, they’ll bring their country’s expertise to these international business events.

Stonz from Canada will be at Playtime & Kid’s Hub NY


To us, every team is number one because they’re all part of the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Team! We’re so happy to have such an international community, and can’t wait to discover new collections from all of these amazing shoe brands. Get your pass to join us and meet them at Playtime Paris June 29-July 1 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York July 28-30!


Header image from LMDI Collection
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship