Fall is here, and with it crisp weather that calls for warm clothes in your store! To update your offer, our experts have made a selection of in stock items on Orderwizz so you can easily restock the AW23 trends in your store! The following four key trends were outlined for us by our partner Fashion Snoops, whose expert eye you won’t want to miss following. From moody moments to bright and playful products, these brands have something for every style that follow the trends of the season. Centered around inclusivity, self-expression, sustainability, and nostalgia, these trends are finely tuned to today’s little ones. Find ranges of colors, every knitwear imaginable, and so much more in this expert selection to restock the AW23 trends!



In Enthrall, enter a land of wonder and discovery! Reminiscent of the endless expanse of children’s imaginations, Enthrall features a darker color palette that is sure to pop against the gray skies of autumn and winter. Through silhouettes that merge elegance and comfort, this trend is perfect for all the moody little mystics. With new senses of spirituality centered around crystals and self care, the fabrics in this trend reflect the luxury of a peaceful mind. Velvets, knitted night florals, faux furs, and more decorate silhouettes that are elevated and refined.



Free of gender dressing, Omni is a trend extended to all children. From all genders to all abilities, this trend is colorful, playful, and fun. Meant to maximize comfort (without any sacrifice of style), Omni celebrates our differences and encourages self expression. With a colorful palette that is full of brights balanced by a few darker shades, this harmonious range will bring sunshine to any day. With practical silhouettes and design details, bold colors, and empowering messages, Omni is inclusive and exciting.



With nature as our muse, we turn to a color palette discoverable there in reGeneration. Drawing inspiration from the independent creation of the world around us, the patterns in this trend are unexpected and unique. Flora and fauna take center stage in the motifs realized in knits and prints. Outerwear is practical and innovative, ready to weather nature’s natural cycles. Equally familiar and innovative, the silhouettes are playful. Drawing ideas for design from nature’s imperfections as well as its adaptability, reGeneration is about craft and self confidence.



Idyll’s curriculum is centered around free thinking and community. With soft shades and strong neutrals, Idyll brings out the softer side of academia. A sense of futurism and utopia are reflected in the silhouettes that are simple yet bold, subtle yet strong. Classic silhouettes get a reset as they are realized in cozy fabrics that flow like free ideas. With a 70’s twist, a new sense of freedom and expression are explored in Idyll. Time is taken to reflect, repose, and re-imagine the world. Folklore patterns add a hint of nostalgia as old ideas are become new again.


We hope you’re ready to restock your store with the AW23 trends thanks to these products available in stock on Orderwizz! With such varied color palettes and stories, there’s sure to be something for everyone in these trends.

Buyers, photographers, press, influencers, and other professionals in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry will be able to register for the winter shows starting November 2. Stay tuned and make sure to get your pass to see presentations and trend spaces by Fashion Snoops that will decode the Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 trends for you at Playtime Paris January 27-29 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York February 11-13.


Header image from Happymess
All trend images from Fashion Snoops
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship