Art and fashion inspire and influence each other, coming together to create the colors and trends each season. They are intrinsically intertwined, which is why we are so excited for the five incredible artists we will be welcoming at Playtime Paris! They will help us define our WONDERLAND for the Autumn/Winter 2022 season, by giving it shape and texture through their work.

We can’t wait until January 29-31 to introduce them to you, so here is a preview of the artists that will be at Playtime Paris!



The artist Swapna is extremely passionate about art and sustainability, so to combine these two interests, she began up-cycling found plastics to create sculptural artworks! Drawing inspiration from nature, specifically the ocean, she embraces the beauty of textures and patterns one can find in ecosystems to create a visual treat from reclaimed plastics. Swapna is an admirer of the Japanese philosophy ”Wabi-Sabi”, which embraces the thought of finding beauty in every aspect of imperfect, yet miraculous, materials. Giving freedom to colors, Swapna intuitively works with mixed mediums like fluid oils, acrylics, and glass paints, giving a warm and vibrant aura to her artwork through bright and bold colors. With inspiration, imagination, and emotion, Swapna delves deeply into the soul of the work to portray it in the best way. Her work not only promises to treat your eyes, but also helps to change the audience’s mindset towards this “Man-Made Wonder” of Single-use plastics!



This project by Alice Guillier was born from research on the transformation of images into objects. Each piece is hand-made from fabrics that are collected or dyed, embroidered with a graphic, and then assembled. The subjects evoke architectural motifs, landscapes, and memories, and are left open to dreamlike interpretation. Generally in reference to objects and relics of the past, Alice’s work can be read like visual puzzles. With a chromatic scale that gives an ambiance to each composition, her work questions the use of color in architectural decor. Born in Paris in 1982, Alice graduated with a degree in Decorative Arts in Strasbourg and has been working as a graphic and set designer for 10 years.



The Twylla project stems from Rosanna Vista’s need to create textile artwork that respects nature. Twylla is a weaving that she created by hand using a net of recycled materials, weaving exclusively with vegetable yarns that are recycled or organic or recycled synthetic yarns. This woven work is completely free of wool. Each Twylla is unique, with a standard size of approximately 35cm in diameter, with a cotton lining and no padding. Rosanna’s Twyllas can be used as a cushion on chairs, the floor, or sofas. They are easy and comfortable to take with you anywhere. Rosanna is an architect and textile artist who creates between Milan where she was born and Ibiza where she resides during the summer.



”The Other Gods” is a funky project by Berlin-based designers and textile artists Lena Voutta and Thoas Lindner. They create dreamlike, wearable art, masks, and interiors. You are beamed into the fairyland at the end of the rainbow via an overdose of colors, shapes, and materials. Both Lena and Thoas have many years of experience in fashion design and contemporary art. With The Other Gods, they created a playground of costumes and objects for themselves, one that doesn’t focus on wearability and salability. They are inspired by travel, nature, family, and the so-called ”Weltenseele,” or “world soul.” Lena and Thoas are part of the art and costume department at Berlin’s Art & Music Community, as well as residents in Mahalla Berlin. For two years, this creative power couple has been living in a little cabin in the woods south of Berlin, in order to escape the city to clear their minds and connect with nature, in a never-ending artspace where The Other Gods are created.



At KOKO Cardboards, artist Kacha and the rest of the KOKO team are determined to help children and parents join each other for valuable time together. KOKO Cardboards designs products that let kids see an enchanted, magical world that is full of possibilities in a piece of cardboard! With their DIY costumecollection, families receive a set of pieces that needs to be put together to create costumes out of cardboard that are open to customization. With a combination of traditional, hand-made manufacturing and specialized machines, Kacha and the KOKO team create their products in Poland. Most of their materials come from recycling, making KOKO Cardboards beautiful, safe, and friendly for the planet.


Don’t forget to get your pass to come meet these incredible artists at Playtime Paris January 29-31!

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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship