We can’t believe that Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York have already come and gone! Luckily for us, we also have our B2B ordering platform dedicated to the kids’ fashion and lifestyle market, OrderWizz, where buyers can continue to pre-order AW24-25 collections. With over 200 brands, there are plenty of collections for buyers to discover so they can make sure their store is ready to roll for next season. Here are our top 10 new collections on OrderWizz that you won’t want to miss ordering before their sales periods close in just a few weeks!


Cos I Said So

Checking in? We hope you enjoy your stay with Cos I Said So’s new collection, “Hotel Mama!” Defined as the “hotel of impeccable service,” this collection has a blend of statements and staples designed to be mixed and matched. The statement pieces are fashion forward, while the comfortable basics stay true to Cos I Said So’s DNA. This collection’s theme is all about linking the worlds of parents and children. The graphics and quotes put a fun twist on the phrases kids and parents often say to one another, adding a playful element to the impeccable designs.

Pre-order “Hotel Mama” before sales close February 29, 2024!


Dear Sophie

On the lookout for new frontiers? Why not head west with the AW24-25 collection from Dear Sophie, “Hop Hop West!” The iconic prints that make this brand stand out get a Western twist this season, as cowboy boots dance on everything from tops to pants, cats and dogs sport neckerchiefs and cowboy hats, and the buffalo roam. All with a subtle color palette, Dear Sophie takes us on a trip to the desert in warm winter fabrics like merino wool, corduroy, and velvet. Their classic cotton creations are also well represented, and the whole collection is full of comfortable silhouettes that will leave kid’s free to conquer new horizons.

Released in two wonderful drops, pre-order this collection before sales end February 29, 2024!


Halcyon Nights

Celebrate artistry and imagination with Halcyon Nights’ new collection! The prints were made in collaboration with some of Australia’s favorite artists. Their collections feature the work of Jenny Lee, Beci Orpin, and Min Pin Design. Each print has been thoughtfully selected to ensure the comfort and coziness of little ones! From fluffy cotton knits to bouclé appliques, sweats and gentle berbers, to cozy terry suits, Halcyon Nights has it all. Bright, colorful, and joyful, Halcyon Nights is all about chasing rainbows through everyday essentials!

Shop all of their new collections before sales close February 20, 2024!


Les Petites Choses

Les Petites Choses’ new collection, “Chabada Bada,” is designed to make your heart beat! A brand that is both poetic and ethical, Les Petites Choses is on a mission to tell stories that will help children grow and dream. Their imaginary characters Louis, Corentin, and their friends come to life in their prints to tell these stories and adventures. To make the journey even more fun, Les Petites Choses has incorporated QR codes on each garment’s label so kids can head to their website and listen to the tales of these characters. For AW24-25, Les Petites Choses drew inspiration from 80’s graphic novels, decorating the collection with sweet hearts, Louis, Corentin, and their friends.

Join the adventure: pre-order for AW24-25 until March 15, 2024!


Zeebra Kids

Zeebra Kids draws inspiration from the classic designs that are cherished throughout generations for each new collection. Always committed to quality craftsmanship, their choices ensure the longevity and versatility of their products. Available for pre-order AW24-25, Zeebra Kids has clothing, shoes, and giftables you won’t want to miss! Their garments give timeless silhouettes a modern twist through textures and prints, while the shoes are stylish yet functional. Pops of pink, green, and blue mark this striking collection. Their gift sets offer great options for the holiday season as well!

Pre-order their collections before sales close February 29, 2024!


The Bonniemob

Step into “Woodland Wonder,” the latest collection by The Bonniemob that blends retro charm and outdoor play! Its autumnal color palette celebrates the season with earthy tones and warm winter berries. Designed to encourage kids to reconnect with nature and take time to unplug, this cozy collection is not to be missed. Mushrooms and acorns help kids explore the wonders of foraging, while The Bonniemob’s knitwear is sure to keep them warm. Get ready to snuggle up by the fire with this collection that is as lovely as a warm embrace!

Sales close February 29, 2024, so order soon!



Available for pre-order AW24-25, you won’t want to miss the collections from Gingersnaps! With multiple drops for girls, boys, and babies centered around four different themes, there’s something for everyone. “Winter Magnifique” takes us on a magical journey that showcases opulent colors and rich textures, while still being comfortable enough to enjoy winter explorations. “Hippie Folk” is all about free-spirited charm, where soft fabrics like corduroy, fleece, and fur bring a groovy color palette to life. In “Vintage Flora,” find a blend of retro and modern boho that radiates playful elegance. And in “Pet Emporium,” street-smart warmth meets quirky fun with mixed materials and earthy colors.

Hurry, hurry: sales end February 29, 2024 on all of these collections!


Infantium Victoria

In their latest collection, the super sustainable brand Infantium Victoria is taking us on a trip that meets our most eco-friendly dreams! Titled “The Nomadic Caravan of Sustainable Dreams,” the collection shows just how elegant sustainability can be. Dreamy prints with mythical creatures and fantastic motifs meet upcycled deadstock fabrics. Graphic tees become puzzles on organic cotton canvases. A Christmas Capsule collection reimagines festive looks to create something avant-garde. This collection is more than a  showcase of style: it is a manifesto of forward-thinking movement and responsibility.

Pre-order this AW24-25 collection before February 29, 2024!


Lison Paris

Let’s soak up some sun with Lison Paris’ new collection! Perfect for those lovely lands where it never snows, their swim and resortwear is perfect for soaking up rays in safety and style. Classic silhouettes take on modern twists, bright colors shine, and the prints are made for a good time! Frills, stripes, metallics and more are ready and waiting to be added to your store! Sun hats and whicker bags make the perfect cherry on top of this sun-dae! Made with sustainability and sun safety in mind, Lison Paris collections are always SPF 50.

Place your orders before sales close February 29, 2024 on this sunny collection!



Join Mooui on a magical journey! Travel through time as you explore stories, traditions, and precious memories. Each decorative piece gives us a glimpse into memories and values that have been passed down for generations. A celebration of heritage and family rituals in bright colors, Mooui’s ranges of bedding, home decor, pajamas, wallpapers, and wall stickers will transform children’s rooms and wardrobes into magical playgrounds. Titled “Enchanted Roots”, this pre-order AW24-25 collection is all about inspiring a deep sense of connection with the generations that came before.

Order all of their new collections of fashion and lifestyle before sales end February 20, 2024!


Based on these collections, Autumn-Winter 2024-2025 is going to be a season to remember! We love how unique each brand’s style is, catering to different tastes and preferences as varied as children themselves. Buyers, create your free account now on OrderWizz to pre-order AW24-25 collections from these brands and hundreds more. As the only B2B ordering platform dedicated exclusively to the kid’s market, it’s the place to be for all professionals in the children’s industry!


Header image from The Bonniemob
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship