Elegant… unique… ethereal… These words perfectly describe our Event Director Chantal’s Playtime Picks from the winter shows, Faune! A beautiful brand that designs heirloom pieces, Faune’s collections are a seamless blend of nostalgia and modernity. Let’s step into their universe as we learn more about how this brand started, their values, and where the co-founders draw inspiration from. Registration has opened for buyers, press, and professionals to get their pass to discover Faune’s new products this summer at Playtime Paris, so without further ado…


Let’s learn all about Chantal’s Playtime Picks: Faune!


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Faune began 5 years ago when co-founders Delia and Nicola decided they wanted to spend more time with their children and to design nightwear they weren’t able to find anywhere else. With their backgrounds in media and fashion, Delia and Nicola decided to start their own brand. Based on the lovely silhouettes they loved in movies, history, or in treasures found at Parisian flea markets, Faune was born to bring the bygone days back.

Based in London, Nicola, who has a background in womenswear, creates their desings. Faune’s collections combine the delicate features of nightwear with everyday comfort. Even though they’re based on beautiful nightgowns, the ethos behind this brand is that children can wear their garments day or night. Giving the pieces more longevity, Faune as a brand is focused on inspiring slow living.

Longevity and sustainability are very important to Faune. Their small collections are designed to minimize waste. Any leftover materials are transformed into their range of accessories. They have a permanent line, with some pieces that have been around since the very beginning being their enduring bestsellers. Each season, they add a few new products to the mix. With new silhouettes, colors, or prints, these pieces may enter with new seasons, but they are just as timeless. Faune’s designs are all made to transcend seasons and trends. These mini collections are seamlessly incorporated into their existing offer.

What Faune loves about participating at trade shows like Playtime Paris is the opportunity to meet with buyers in person, allowing them to feel the quality and discover the beautiful details that decorate their garments. Inspired by their vintage finds, paintings, and old films, Faune’s collections are full of incredible design elements. Little pintucks, embroidery, and stunning finishes are part of what makes Faune unique.


We feel we need to keep true to ourselves, to keep creating the really lovely, traditional, beautiful artwork that we do.

— Delia, Co-founder of Faune


Faune works closely with a family run Indian manufacturer that has high standards for workers rights and conditions to produce their collections. They give back to this community that is so important to the brand and Faune family by supporting local charities.

Faune is a brand that is truly one of a kind. Their unique pieces are designed for slow living, ethically produced, and simply beautiful. Back at Playtime Paris this winter for the first time in a few years, they felt like they were reunited with family. They enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, reconnecting with buyers, and sharing three days in Paris with good friends. Delia told us that she was always especially happy to see Chantal, and the feeling was mutual!

When asked about why she loves Faune, Chantal said: “Faune is a brand that I discovered a few years ago. The entire univers they create is sensitive, refined, light, pretty, and timeless. Their day and night dresses are inspired by vintage silhouettes in cotton and silk are to die for! The finishes, the details, the patterns are exquisite. It’s a universe that inspires a calm, slow life. Their dresses are designed for a life full of endless breakfasts, going to the market, to the beach, or rolling around in the grass just as much as they are made for taking a nap or spending a sweet night sleeping! Faune’s collections evokes a soft, simple, and real femininity. I love this simple, no frills luxury. Faune makes beautiful pieces meant to be handed down from generation to generation.”

playtime picks faune

We have thoroughly enjoyed stepping into the beautiful universe of Chantal’s Playtime Picks, Faune! We can’t wait to see them again this summer in Paris July 1-3, and are sure you can’t wait either. Buyers, photographers, press, and influencers can get their pass to visit Playtime Paris, Playtime Shanghai, and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York to discover new collections from Faune and other incredible brands in our community.


All images from Faune
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship