Last summer, we got ready for Playtime Paris like experts with the insights offered by buyers Raya and Yalda from the store SMOL. To get you excited for the Winter 2024 edition of The Big Small Show, we caught up with Raya and Yalda to see what brands they had a crush on last season. Without further ado, let’s flashback to Playtime Paris with Smol and meet their crushes!


Nestled in the heart of the one of the most (if not the most) charming and fashionable cities in the world, the Playtime Paris trade show is always one filled with excitement and whimsy. Our visit for the Summer 2024 collections was no exception! As the owners of SMOL, a unique children’s multi-brand store which carries fashion and interior products from all over the world, Playtime is a great source for meeting our top kids’ fashion and lifestyle brands, as well as discovering new ones. Coming up with a special, curated selection from each of our favorite brands is key!

From the moment we walked into the doors of The Big Small Show, we were transported to a wonderland of creativity. Our fashion radars turned up on maximum, keeping our eyes focused on finding the precise color pallets, prints and cuts that would work the best at our store. Instantly our eyes were cast on a new brand – what a great way to start the day! Though the show features countless amazing brands and designers, a few truly stood out to us.

Here’s a look at Raya and Yalda’s top 9 picks for Summer 2024:



Kidsagogo instantly caught our eye and was the very first stand we walked up to. We were excited about the air of summery allure! Each piece with bright happy colors and flowy cuts – just what any girl would want to wear in the deep heat of summer. A playful mix of florals, checkered, and stripes made mixing and matching the 100% cotton pieces a delight! We couldn’t be happier to start the day with this awesome brand discovery from Bali!



Though Bonmot is not new to us, it is new to our store. This summer collection is only the second collection we’ve had at SMOL. The playful eco-friendly designs of this Spanish brand truly captured our hearts. The vibrant and quirky mix of colors and sustainable practices make Bonmot a brand worth supporting. And, we must admit, their cool retro twist is a soft spot for us!



The cool London vibe of Wynken is evident from first glance. The brand’s logo is stylishly bold with a modern edge. As a brand we have been watching for some time now, we were eager to get the cool everyday styles in our store for Summer 2024. The brand’s designer, Elbe Lealman, was a pleasure to work with. We quickly put together a collection we think will certainly make our clients swoon!



A seasoned brand, Ao76 knows how to create sporty American style just right. Summer collection means surfer style with splashes of tropical prints and bold colors. Added bonus, this time around we met with the CEO of the brand, Gaspard Poelman. Gaspard is also the son of the head of styling and design, Patricia Vandemoortele. She’s been designing the collections for the last 29 years, before handing the reigns over to Gaspard. This was the perfect example of how brilliantly Playtime brings us together with industry professionals. The opportunity to meet in person, connect and share ideas is immeasurable!



A brand close to our hearts, Búho’s uniquely warm and personal touch effortlessly stands out in the bustling fair. Búho hits the balance between timeless fashion and ultimate comfort perfectly; always using soft nurtured fabrics and never sacrificing comfort. With a mission to create clothing that respects the environment, Búho uses natural, organic fabrics that are unmistakably breathable and soft. Each season, we look forward to meeting with Oliver and Xenia who we’ve been working with for many years now. It’s always a pleasure to work with them to select our unique collection. Playtime is an important chance to share the latest with one another and nurture our lasting relationship!


Konges Sløjd

This famed Scandinavian brand is simply irresistible! With a wide range of products from clothing and accessories to outdoor toys and nursery essentials, Konges Sløjd is not to be missed. As soon as we step into their booth, we’re immersed in their universe. The delightful combination of their charming aesthetic and smart functionality makes selecting a curated collection from this vast offering very exciting.



Among the sea of exhibitors, Weboble, the Portuguese brand known for cozy elegance, is a sweet breath of sunshine. The top-notch craftsmanship is evident in every piece – from soft intricate knitwear, to sweat rompers and elegant fabrics. We’re sure this charming collection will bring that sweet sunshine into our summer offering.



A visit to Playtime is never complete without seeing our friends at Minikid. We started working with this cool Polish brand several seasons ago and each time they impress us with their awesome streetwear designs. This season was no exception, with easy-to-wear statement pieces that kids love to wear. Their pants and shorts are always a favorite of ours – and our clients!


Sproet & Sprout

A brand we were keen to encounter at Playtime, Sproet & Sprout’s bright colors and cool, laid-back style is just what we are looking for! Bold stripes mixed with hand drawn prints gives the collection a “perfectly imperfect” vibe that oozes fun! We instantly fell in love with the unapologetic boldness of Sproet & Sprout’s Summer collection that features comfortable everyday pieces made for having carefree fun.


The Playtime trade show is a hub of creativity and innovation in children’s fashion and design. The designers’ commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unique, imaginative pieces for children is truly inspiring. We were pleased to see so many of our industry partners, to discover new brands, and to put together curated collections that we are thrilled to bring to our SMOL store next season!

Playtime Paris with SmolYalda and Raya at Playtime Paris, Summer 2023

Thank you so much to Yalda and Raya for taking us on a journey back in time to Playtime Paris with SMOL! We loved meeting the brands they had a crush on, and can’t wait to see who we’ll meet next season. Prepare your visit to the Winter 2024 edition of Playtime Paris with SMOL’s advice from last summer in the article here. Buyers, press, photographers, influencers, and other professionals can get their pass to both editions of The Big ~SMOL~ show this winter here!


Header image from Búho
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship