Winter is coming!


Of course, it doesn’t’ come all at once, though! Get your store ready for the cooling weather with the four essential outerwear pieces that will keep kids warm as the weather transitions from autumn to winter: vests, light jackets, medium weight coats, and heavy duty winter coats. For our friends in warmer climates, the lighter pieces from this selection will be perfect for cool desert nights or transitioning out of winter, too. All available for immediate delivery on Orderwizz, have them in your store as fast as a snow flurry!



Vests are the first key item for this time of year. Children can wear them over a sweater or a long sleeve to add an extra layer of warmth on chilly fall days. Plus, they look so cute!



Perfect for rainy autumn days, these lightweight jackets will cut the wind and keep kids warm as they play in pumpkin patches or go to the final farmers markets of the year.



When it’s just a bit too warm for a full winter jacket, these medium weight coats are the perfect piece to keep little ones warm and stylish! Whether with bold prints or solid colors, these coats are great additions to winter wardrobes.



These coats are ready for cold winter nights, going to holiday markets, sipping hot cocoa, and building snowmen! Furs, felts, and polyesters will keep kids warm as they enjoy the magic of winter.


This snow-tacular selection has us ready for crisp winter nights by the fire, enjoying hot chocolate with family and friends, and the warmth of the holiday season! Meet these brands year round on Orderwizz, and get your pass to discover the AW23 collections from Napaani in New York, Petit Indi, Popelin, and Raquette in Paris, and Poupée at both shows.


Can’t wait for the holiday season?

Check out our Gift Guide of products to restock your store for holiday shoppers and a selection of cold weather essentials you won’t want to miss!


Header photo from Popelin
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship