What a BREATH of fresh air the past few days have been, as we met with old friends and new for the 29th edition of Playtime Paris! Our partner MilK Magazine searched the show for the most refreshing labels to give their renowned MilK Awards for Crush, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Green to this season, and the winners don’t disappoint! These four brands deserve to be rewarded for their style, creativity, innovation, and sustainable practices.


Let’s meet the winners of this season’s MilK Awards!



The Spanish label Maison Mangostan was born from a desire to create a kidswear label with a sense of endless possibility. They certainly succeed in this, drawing inspiration from music, art, and heritage to create incredible shoes for taking little ones everywhere they want to go in style.


Instagram: @maisonmangostan



A brand that is endlessly designing, meet MinMin Copenhagen! Their goal is to make products that don’t hurt children or the earth. Their wooden and bath toys, wall hangings, and accessories will be enjoyed by our children’s children as much as they are by children today.


Instagram: @minmincph.dk



Built with the intention their clothes and shoes will be a platform for self-expression, the brand Belle Chiara creates beautiful pieces with organic cotton and natural fabrics. With collections that are ethical, honest, and sustainable, they work with artisans in Spain and Portugal to bring their designs to life.


Instagram: @bellechiara



Sustainability goes to a whole new level with the brand Cèucle! Their unisex garments are made from upcycled materials, and only come in two silhouettes – trousers and crewnecks. Their designs are oversized to allow kids to grow into them and are offered in neutral tones to make them mix and match.


Instagram: @ceucle


Our sincere congratulations to the four winners this season, and a big thank you to MilK Magazine for giving out these awards at Playtime Paris! Check out the winners from last season here.

Header image from MinMin Copenhagen
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship