Last week we met Maisonette’s crushes from Playtime Paris to celebrate connections being made at The Big Small Show. Now, let’s jump across the Atlantic to meet Double Rainbow’s crushes from Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York! Double Rainbow is a kids’ fashion and lifestyle boutique in Shaker Heights, Ohio, United States. Its owner, Meg Ratner, curates a selection that is unique, funky, and cheerful.

Each season, Meg visits The Big Small Show to place orders with brands she loves and to discover new ones. With a blend of American and international labels, Double Rainbow offers a complementary selection that pleases its customers. The store brings brands to the area that customers would normally have to search for online. In addition to their curated offer, Double Rainbow also provides its customers with unique experiences. Kids can personalize their garments with patches, visit Double rainbow on Tuesdays for music-filled afternoons, or get their photo taken by personality photographer @little_bobos.

With years of experience and three daughters of her own, Meg has an expert eye that is always on the lookout for next season’s must-haves! While she explored The Big Small Show this winter in New York, there were several brands that caught her attention. Let’s see who Double Rainbow’s crushes were for Winter 2024!



“This unbelievably soft and colorful brand has been a staple at our store from the very beginning. Each piece is designed and hand dyed in the United States with earth friendly materials. Fairwell does an amazing job of elevating tie dye to a level that complements the other brands we offer in our store. The combination of design and feel keeps us and our customers coming back for more every season.”


Pink Chicken

kid's fashion brand

“Every Pink Chicken collection leaves us wanting more, and this season’s collection was no exception! With all of the fun patterns and beautiful fabrics, the hardest part of placing an order is narrowing down our selection. Autumn/Winter is always a fun collection to shop because of their back to school collections and holiday dresses. We also love how we can order Mommy and Me options for those who like to coordinate with their little ones.”


Rowdy Sprout

Double Rainbow's crushes

“Every time we order Rowdy Sprout it’s like a trip down musical memory lane. Their band tees cover a wide range of musical tastes from heavy metal, to rap to rock-n-roll. We tend to gravitate to the pop and rock bands, which resonate well with our customers. And the softness and versatility make them a great addition to our curated collection of brands in the store.”


Super Smalls

“This brand is so much fun for obvious reasons. We love how their products appeal to all ages – including adults! Offering products in our store that encourage creative play is high on our list when we’re on buying trips, and Super Smalls surely delivers.”


Angel Dear

Double Rainbow's crushes

“In case you can’t tell, softness is important to us, especially when it comes to babies. The softer, the better and Angel Dear knows how to do soft! We absolutely love all of their sweet prints for baby as well as the more whimsical ones. This is another brand that’s hard to narrow down, but the truth is, we can never have enough Angel Dear in the store.”


Rylee + Cru

Rylee + Cru, along with Quincy Mae and Nora Lee, continue to be a core part of our selection each season. With a loyal following, Rylee & Cru is always a customer favorite and this most recent collection had us all smiles. With the introduction of some new fabrics and styles, we know our customers are going to be anxiously awaiting to see what’s new from one of their favorites! And we can’t wait to show them.”


The Bonnie Mob

kid's fashion brand

“Having a nice assortment of knitwear for babies and kids has become a must in our store. And that’s where The Bonnie Mob comes in. Their attention to detail, incredibly soft fabrics, and playful design make them a go to brand for our mamas and their little ones. And with their motto “ Buy Once, Buy Well, Pass it On” our customers know they are walking away with something they will treasure for years to come.”


Petite Hailey

Double Rainbow's crushes

“Just when we think it can’t get any cuter, along comes Petite Hailey and their latest collection.  They are the masters of tutu dresses and continually amaze us with their ability to make one tutu dress cuter than the next. Almost every little girl who comes into our store gravitates to these dresses. And the moms love them too because they are, of course, adorable, but they are also made to last. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a special occasion dress or just an everyday outfit, Petite Hailey has got you covered!”


Wow, we love all of these brands too! Thank you so much to Meg and her team for sharing Double Rainbow’s crushes from the Winter 2024 edition of Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York. In case you missed it, check out our reel here to discover Double Rainbow in person! Then, visit the show with Meg and her team in our reel from New York here.

Brands, applications have officially opened for you to apply for The Big Small Show Summer 2024! Click here to fill our your applications for Paris and New York for the chance to meet amazing buyers like Meg and to be their brand crushes next season!


Header image of The Bonnie Mob by Nafisa Skeie 
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship