Who doesn’t love shoes? Whether looking to lounge in loafers or bananas for boots, these retailers have every style little ones could dream of to complete their outfits. Buyers from shoe stores around the world walk their way to Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York to go shoe shopping each season. With some of them also scoping out shoes year round on Orderwizz, we’re happy to have these shoe specialists in our community! Without further ado, put on your walking boots as we take a trip around the world to different shoe stores that visit The Big Small Show and/or place orders on our B2B ordering platform.


Awesome Shoes (United Kingdom)

If you’ve always thought that it’s impossible to order the right shoes online, you haven’t met Awesome Shoes yet! Based in London, their team of shoe lovers has solved this problem by creating a unique and easy experience. Their trademarked Size Finder allows parents to feel confident they’re buying the right size for their children. Add in free shipping that let’s kids try them out at home, and you’ve got stress free shoe shopping! They found the traditional method of long and difficult. So, the founders set out to establish a simple shop selling only the best kid’s shoes to simplify the experience. Awesome Shoes has surely succeeded with this mission!



De Kopvoeter (Belgium)

For cool shoes selected for happy kids, discover the shoe store De Kopvoeter! Knowing how important it is to take care of growing feet, they invite customers to come pamper their feet with the right size and style for them. Their knowledgeable team is always ready to help customers big and small navigate their selection of high quality, supportive, cool shoes. For first steps through big kids looking to play, romp, and wander in style, De Kopvoeter has it all in their store!

MEET THEM THERE: MP DenmarkBisgaard, Rondinella, Maison MangostanNaturino, LMDI Collection, Spring Court, Du Loua


Happy Shoes (France)

Who doesn’t want to shop at a store with “happy” in its name?! One can’t help but smile at the thoughtful selection offered by Happy Shoes. Their selection of European labels is chosen based on quality and conscious production. A dream come true, this family business has evolved into four boutiques and an online store. With years spent developing their know-how and a warm, welcoming attitude that comes naturally to them, Happy Feet offers a pleasant shoe shopping experience in person or online.

IN THEIR STORE: Shoo Pom, Veja, Spring Court, Falcotto, Méduse, ClotaireBisgaard, FroddoCienta, Naturino, Pom d’Api


Aap.Noot.Mies (Belgium)

A small store located in the heart of Belgium, discover a wide range of hand-crafter kid’s shoes at Aap.Noot.Mies. High quality and sustainable, they carefully consider the brands they have in their store. Both foreign and domestic, Aap.Noot.Mies’ range of footwear and accessories is visible both in-store and online. With sustainability at the heart of their business, they’re happy to help customers find products they love that will last.

IN THEIR STORE: Eli 1957Manuela de JuanOcra, LMDI Collection, Naturino, Bisgaard, Donsje Amsterdam, Mini Melissa, Rondinella, Collégien, PèpèMP Denmark, Falcotto, Veja, Maison MangostanCondor, MominoPom d’Api


Little Legends (The Netherlands)

When two parents in search of unique sneakers and accessories for their children couldn’t find them, they decided to start a store to offer exactly that! Hence, Little Legends was born, and a dream come true. Their webshop has a range of trendy children’s sneakers and accessories. They are constantly on the lookout for new labels that inspire them and bring something unique to the children’s market. (And we hear, The Big Small Show is one of their favorites to find new brands!) Largely European labels make up their selection, with strong beliefs that shoes should be sustainably produced and child-friendly. Little Legends has all the shoes and accessories kids need to develop and grow in comfort, and in styles that are different and cool!

FIND THEM THERE: Konges Sløjd, Mrs. Ertha, Carlijnq, Moon Boot, En Fant, Bisgaard, Collégien, Veja, Condor, Méduse, Du LouaMP Denmark


Pés de Cereja (Portugal)

After the birth of their first daughter, two parents founded Pés de Cereja to meet the needs of other parents that couldn’t find what they were looking for in current shoe stores. In their opinion, comfortable shoes are essential for children’s feet to develop correctly as they grow into adulthood. They therefore created their store with careful design and a unique concept. Pés de Cereja seeks to always have a quality offer for every style, need, and occasion. They wanted to make their store feel welcoming to both parents and kids. With both accessories and footwear, Pés de Cereja has brought their ideas to life both in-store and online.

AMONG THEIR SELECTION: Condor, Emu Australia, Collégien


Just Shoes for Kids (USA)

Started by a mother fed up by the unpleasant process of visiting shoes stores with her sons, Just Shoes for Kids is centered around stellar customer service to simplify shoe shopping. Exclusively online, customers enjoy free shipping that let’s them try on at home. Their top quality shoes come from mostly European designers. In addition to top shoe brands, Just Shoes for Kids also offers accessories, clothes, and toys to give the modern family everything they’re looking for in one place. With 1% of their profits going to the ELIJA Foundation for community outreach for Autism, this retailer really is special.

FIND THEM IN THEIR STORE: Manuela de JuanElephantito, Naturino, Lilies & Roses NY, Oldsoles, Sticky Lemon


Les Casse-pieds (Belgium)

More than an e-shop, Les Casse-pieds has been selling children’s shoes since 1991. With each model tried on by hundreds of tiny feet, they’re well versed in how shoes should fit. Their dedicated team is ready to offer professional advice whenever parents need it, offering impeccable customer service in addition to their incredible selection of shoes. Their thoughtfully designed website makes it simple for customers to navigate their footwear offer. With a fun Instagram account as the cherry on top, Les Casse-Pieds is a can’t miss for shoe stores!

MEET THEM THERE: Cienta10 Is, Bisgaard, Collégien, MP Denmark, Shoo PomDonsje Amsterdam, Naturino, Pom d’Api, OcraVeja


Casas (Spain)

Casas is a family-run chain of shoe stores that has been specializing in footwear for the whole family since 1923. With a hundred years of experience, all 50 of their shops feature the best national and international shoe brands. Having endured the ups and downs of decades, Casas has offered high quality shoes through it all. They’ve also built strong relationships with their communities. Casas has even opened specialized concept stores for specific age groups and interests. The spirit of Casas is centered around overcoming obstacles. They accompany families around Spain with their offer of shoes and accessories for all.



Raaf en Vos (Belgium)

Started by a physiotherapist specialized in children and their motor skill development that also has a love for dressing her kids, discover Raaf en Vos! This original children’s store welcomes customers to come find shoes that fit perfectly. With an original style, their quality shoes are focused on fit and materials. Carefully selecting each brand that enters their store, they have a passion for mostly European brands, especially from Italy and Spain. At Raaf en Vos, every child and their parents are welcomed with patience and professionalism. With her medical background, the founder is happy to offer the most beautiful shoes that will also be comfortable as little feet grow and develop.

THEY’RE IN THIS SHOE STORE: Ocra, Rondinella, Pom d’Api, Pèpè, 10 Is, Veja, Collégien, Momino


Lark Kids (United Kingdom)

Proudly independent, Lark Kids is specialized in fitting children’s shoes. With a wealth of experience, they pride themselves on finding the best fit for little ones. Their exclusive offer ranges from well-known labels to newcomers in kid’s shoes, with every brand they carry sharing a passion for fashion, fit, and function. With a selection of accessories and home goods to complement their footwear, families can find everything they’re looking for to complete fashion wardrobes. Lark Kids also make seasonal selections to help their customers further by offering thoughtful suggestions.

IN THEIR STORE: MP Denmark, Zig + Star, Sticky Lemon


Flò (Iceland)

This specialty store, Flò, offers quality children’s shoes with comfort at the top of mind. The brands they select for their store all use the best available materials, ensuring the quality of their products. Flò firmly believes that a good pair of shoes is essential to children’s overall well-being. Comfort is carefully considered each time they find a brand they’re interested in adding to their selection. With a love for good shoes, many of their favorites are from Danish brands.



We can’t wait to see the buyers from these shoe stores and hundreds of other retailers at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York this winter! It’s always a pleasure to travel the world and discover different members of our community. Get your pass to join them at The Big Small Show, and register your free buyer account now on Orderwizz to start exploring the selection that awaits you.


Header image from De Kopvoeter
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