Retail is being revolutionized! More and more physical stores are adding cafes or hosting parties at their stores to make them a destination not only for shopping, but for spending time as a family and community. Our partners Fashion Snoops dove into this trend in detail in their report The Future of Retail. In it, Fashion Snoops identifies taste and smell as powerful recall tools. They noted that adding a cafe can increase the time consumers spend in store, as well as a greater sense of recall as more senses are engaged, bringing that retailer to top of mind. 

Another key trend in retail identified by Fashion Snoops is the need for what is called “third places.” This term refers to spaces that are neither home nor work, which have gained importance in our post pandemic world. Retailers can act as third places by having lounging areas, cafes, parks, or workshops that offer a sense of connection with the community and encourage customers to slow down and enjoy themselves as they spend a day shopping.

We’ve already met State of Kid and Camp, but there are so many others with their own unique concept. Let’s meet some of the experiential retailers that are part of our community and are joining the revolution by adding more than just amazing brands to their store. 


Meet experiential retailers from our community!


Moki – Turkey

From the day it opened its doors, Moki has been designed to act as a common space for families. In addition to a curated selection of lifestyle brands, Moki has a cafe, workshops, a playhouse, and a garden. Moki Cafe features healthy food and drinks inside an atmosphere that feels like home. Their workshops include sensory classes for children 1-4 years old to help develop their skills. They also have classes for 4-7 year olds to teach them to socialize while cultivating their artistic and creative skills. In Moki’s playhouse and garden, kids can spend time outside playing and interacting. Shop these Playtime brands there: Izipizi, Meduse, Morgedan


La Tribu – France

Blending all the shifts in retail into one brick and mortar, meet the family concept store and tea house La Tribu! Offering a selection that meets the needs of the whole family, La Tribu has fashion and lifestyle, home and decor, toys and more. This modern approach to retail is becoming increasingly popular, cultivating a universe that becomes the one-stop-shop for the entire family. In addition to their concept store, La Tribu has a cafe with local treats to sweeten their selection and offer families a post shopping snack! These brands are there: Upé, StudioLoco, Fabelab, Poudre Organic, Liewood


Kobito de Punch – Japan

kid's retailer

A cafe merged with a kid’s fashion store, discover Kobito de Punch! With products from around the world to put a smile on little one’s faces, Kobito de Punch is committed to meeting its customers needs. Their unique world view is brought to life in their one of a kind store. The cafe offers food that is simple and delicious, with new menus each season so there is always something new to discover. The cafe at Kobito de Punch is specially designed to cater to kids, with a fun and playful atmosphere. Shop them there: Popelin, eLfinFolk, Kokori Kids, Folk Made, Mimipoupons, BaYíRi, Bobo Choses, Bisgaard, Carlijnq, Gosoaky, Igor, Piupiuchick, Soft Gallery, Wolf & Rita, 1+ in the Family


Ouimum’s – France

experiential retailer

Pioneering the inclusion of activities not only for kids, but for their parents as well, Ouimum’s has products and services for the whole family. Fitness activities for moms as well as clubs and activities for children are all offered in the concept store along with their range of products. Their selection includes childcare, linens, decorations, furniture and other products to meet all of the modern family’s needs. In addition to their fitness classes, they also offer a cafe to relax and enjoy a range of healthy snacks. The cherry on top – The Mini Club is a secure play area for kids to socialize while parents enjoy their lunch or a chat with one another. These Playtime brands are at Ouimum’s: 1+ in the Family, Nobodinoz, Liewood, Rosajou, Minikane


Le Petit 100 – Turkey

Under one roof, Le Petit 100 has created a habitat that meets all of children’s needs! With brand launches, developmental playgroups and workshops, festivals and birthday parties, Le Petit 100 brings tough many different services. Encouraging children to socialize and discover their skills, their workshops include learning about art and cooking. Le Petit 100 also has a playground and garden where kids can play or join a playgroup with progress tracking. With health conscious food to enjoy in their cafe after a long day of playing and shopping, Le Petit 100 is a perfect destination for families to spend the day together learning and growing. Meet Playtime brands there: Izipizi, Bobo Choses, Miss Nella, Sticky Lemon, Tiny Cottons


Curiosity Corner Play – The UK

family concept store

Opened by two parents in search of somewhere fun to spend time together as a family, Curiosity Corner Play is now serving those needs for other parents, too! Both educational and fun, children can be children but adults can be adults. Kids can play in a safe, clean, secure environment while parents enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. With parties and lifestyle products to shop and bring home after a day of fun, Curiosity Corner is a top destination for the whole family to spend time together. Meet them there: Mushie


We hope you enjoyed exploring the future of retail as we met experiential retailers from our international community! With buyers from innovative stores like these visiting our trade shows and placing orders on our B2B ordering platform, brands won’t want to miss meeting them. Luckily there’s still time to apply for a booth at the summer shows in Paris, Shanghai, and New York to exhibit alongside the main players in the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry. Orderwizz, the B2B marketplace by the same experts that bring you Playtime & Kid’s Hub, is available anytime, anywhere, meaning brands can join whenever they like and work with international buyers year round.

Join our community in person and online to meet with amazing buyers like these ones from experiential retailers!


Header photo from Le Petit 100
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship