Here at Playtime & Kid’s Hub, we love innovation, sustainability, and aesthetics. All three of these qualities are found in the desirable lifestyle brand Élhée, who has completely reimagined baby bottles. Let’s dive into their universe to learn about their founder, where the inspiration for their unique design came from, and why they found this innovation necessary to meet the needs of modern parents. 


Let’s think outside the bottle!


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Élhée is a French brand of silicone baby bottles that are “healthy, sensory and streamlined” that was launched by Allison Piraud.

The BibRond Élhée has been designed in every detail by a mother, to allow other mothers to bottle-feed their child exclusively or alternately with breastfeeding, in complete serenity, without complexes or guilt, at a time when it is sometimes difficult to accept bottle-feeding babies.

Élhée quickly abandoned the materials traditionally used by baby bottle manufacturers to turn to a medical grade silicone, selected with the highest degree of requirement. This neo-material, non-allergenic, and perfectly suitable for food contact, is free of chemical substances likely to harm the health of infants and young children. In silicone, soft and extra-supple physiological shape, the Elhée teat has been developed to offer sensations close to the mother’s breast. Equipped with an anti-colic system, it is designed to reduce the absorption of air by the baby and thus facilitate baby’s digestion.


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Anxious to build a tailor-made, ethical, and aesthetic universe for her three children, Allison naturally redesigned the bottle beyond its sole function, to reinforce the emotional and sensory dimension of this very first object of love.

If, like many women, she alternated breastfeeding and bottle feeding, the idea of innovating in this area seemed obvious to her from the first feedings of her eldest. Bored by her experiences with broken glass containers and skeptical of the safety of new plastics, Allison opted for the safety of young children. Surrounded by industrial partners and experts committed to the same demanding approach, Allison tested dozens of prototypes to achieve an exceptional final result. From the absolute safety of the material, to the innovative design of the object and its irreproachable finishes in terms of ergonomics and practicality.


The BibRond is a tribute to motherhood, the object of the very first affections, as soft to the touch as to the eye.


From the breast bowl from the Sèvres factory – for which Marie-Antoinette is said to have served as a model – to the champagne glass moulded on Kate Moss’ left breast, many design containers are inspired by natural curves. With its innovative form, the Élhée baby bottle develops a natural aesthetic in line with its function and with the aspirations of young parents. From the kitchen to the living room, this nomadic object elegantly accompanies modern families in search of authenticity.

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Élhée aims to strengthen the healthy, sensory and sustainable dimension of everyday objects for parents to enable them to take care of their children with confidence and serenity. This raison d’être is reflected in Élhée’s commitment to innovate, design and manufacture products in France that are:

Healthier and more transparent in terms of composition;

Safer to use in accordance with the most stringent regulatory standards;

More durable to keep children’s little worlds going.


This framework of action reflects their conviction that the health of children and the preservation of the planet on which they will grow up are interdependent and must remain at the heart of Élhée’s strategy for conscious growth.

Concerned about the environmental and social footprint from its activities, Élhée has chosen local and committed manufacturers, producers, and partners for the shipment of its eco-responsible baby bottles. To reduce its environmental impact as much as possible, Élhée favors the choice of raw materials that respect the environment and works with industrial partners committed to the same environmental and social approach.

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Élhée has been participating at the Playtime exhibition in Paris for several seasons, and in 2022, decided to live the “American dream” and cross the Atlantic to participate in Playtime New York.


‘ It was a real challenge and a lot of effort and work, but it allowed us to discover a very different market than the one in France that is both surprising and so exciting! ‘


Élhée has also joined the Playtime & Kid’s Hub Marketplace recently. They find that “The platform is very well designed and allows you to create a ‘virtual shop window’ that best represents the brand universe and products. It allows you to prepare and anticipate the organization of trade fairs, via the possibility of sending email campaigns, sharing news, creating an online catalog and the possibility of enriching your address book thanks to the visitors to our brand page.”


We love the innovative spirit of Élhée, and can’t thank them enough for sharing more about their brand with us. We appreciate their creativity and dedication to families and the environment, and cannot wait to meet with them and the rest of our friends again in January and February for a brand new season! There’s still time for brands to apply to exhibit at the top trade shows for kids’ fashion, lifestyle, decor and parenthood, so save your spot before applications close.


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship