We love trying new things, which is why this season at Playtime Paris we’re shaking up our partnership with MilK Magazine!

For several seasons, we’ve teamed up with the editorial team from MilK Magazine. At each edition of Playtime Paris, they would walk the aisles of the show to choose the winners of their MilK Awards for the Crush and Grand Prix (see the Winter 2024 winners here!).

This season, we decided to do something new with MilK Magazine! Their team will walk the aisles of The Big Small Show in search of their favorite fashion and accessories for their “Dressing Idéal.” They will make a selection of products from different brands that stand out as staples for Spring-Summer 2025. After they take their pick on the first day of the show, buyers will be able to discover their ideal wardrobe at the show’s entrance! The products will also have hangtags that identify them, so any visitor to the brand’s booth can see what stood out to the MilK team.

To help you get excited for this new expert selection, let us give you a taste of MilK Magazine! We fell in love with their editorial “Sous le soleil de Barcelone,” so let’s take a peek at what catches their eye. Get your pass to see MilK Magazine’s Dressing Idéal live at the show, and stay tuned here on Playtime Magazine after the show to discover it in full!



Photographed in in Catalonia by Albert Bonsfills, he imagined a poetic meeting between the sun and moon in this photoshoot.

Sweatshirt by American Vintage.
Front > Button down from True Artist. T-shirt by Letter to the World. Pants from Bobo Choses. Back > Top, socks, and shoes from Bobo Choses. T-shirt from The Animals Observatory. Skirt by Letter to the World.
Left > Tiger t-shirt from The Animals Observatory. Striped shirt by True Artist. Pants from American Vintage. Center > T-shirt by Letter to the World. Button down by The Animal Observatory. Pants from Belle Chiara.
T-shirt by Letter to the World. Button down by The Animals Observatory. Pants from Belle Chiara.
T-shirt by Bobo Choses. Overalls from Thinking Mu.
Sweatshirt from American Vintage. T-shirt and bag by Bobo Choses. Striped skirt by True Artist.


Photography by @albertbonsfills
Styled by @cris_lasag
Makeup by @byesthercarbonell
Set Design by @irenemurzudaire


Header image: Left > Jumpsuit by Tiny Cottons. Sweatshirt by Letter to the World. Center > Sweatshirt by American Vintage. Striped skirt by True Artist. Right > Vest by Letter to the World. Pants from The Animals Observatory
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship