We’re still riding the positive energy from the Winter 2023 shows! With all the amazing brands that joined us at The Big Small Show in Paris and New York, it should come as no surprise that some have since joined our B2B ordering platform, Orderwizz. We are so excited to welcome them to our community all year round via our marketplace! Let us introduce you to some of the fresh brands now on Orderwizz so you can start shopping! From fashion to lifestyle, Orderwizz has everything your store needs to stand out and satisfy your customers.


Don’t forget to place orders on new collections from these brands and the more than 210 others on Orderwizz before the selling season closes!


Loir Paris

Fresh brands - Orderwizz

Revisit the timeless classics of old French families with the ethical brand, Loir Paris. Bringing traditional silhouettes and motifs the modern era through gender neutral designs and environmentally friendly materials, Loir Paris seamlessly blends past and present to create collections that feel fresh yet familiar. With delicate design details and upcycled elements, Loir Paris’ collections are the perfect way to bring a touch of French elegance to your store.

Get your store ready for next year by placing orders on their new collections, or restock with SS23 immediate deliveries!



Looking for comfy and warm outerwear? The exceptional collections from Fluff are just what you need! Specialized in this product category, Fluff merges quality and convenience to offer jackets, coats and snowsuits in exclusive colors. They design both a basic line and limited edition drops to meet the needs of every customer, all made with hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory features to keep little ones safe, warm, and comfortable while they explore winter wonderlands!

See & order from Fluff’s AW23-24 collection until sales close March 17!


Fagiolino Cashmere

Fresh brands - Orderwizz

Speaking of experts, for slow luxury fashion that’s made in Italy, meet Fagiolino Cashmere.  With togetherness at the heart of everything they do, Fagiolino Cashmere designs timeless and minimalist knitwear for the whole family. Drawing on the expertise of artisans in Tuscany, their responsibly sourced cashmere yarns are woven into future heirloom pieces to be passed on for generations. Durable and versatile, Fagiolino Cashmere is designed to be mixed and matched across genders and styles.

Place orders on their AW23 collection until March 15, and restock with their products available for immediate delivery!


Lunö Tricot

Lunö Tricot designs lines of exceptional baby clothes made with cashmere for impeccable quality and sustainability. To ensure their products are made with the highest environmental and social standards, Lunö Tricot has control over their supply chain. Though a luxury fabric, their cashmere garments are all machine washable to help parents with the realities of life with children. With timeless styles and expceptionally durable production, Lunö Tricot collections can’t be missed.

Add their products to your store now with immediate deliveries of their timeless products!


Favorite People

Fresh brands - Orderwizz

Break free of titles and standards with the coolest overalls in the world from Favorite People! This Portuguese brand is communicating happiness, positive energy, and authenticity through their garments. Favorite People’s brand DNA embraces a quirky sense of humor to help little ones create genuine memories and moments that last forever. In celebration of their belief that our favorite people last a lifetime, Favorite People designs their overalls to do so as well!

Place orders on their AW23 collection “An Open Book” until March 31!


Bootani Kids

While we’re taking a trip to Portugal, meet Bootani Kids! These passionates of the purity and growth of childhood use sustainable materials to create their unique, gender neutral collections. Bootani Kids is on an endless journey to use more recycled materials and take their plastic free production process to new levels of sustainability. Free children’s imaginations and help preserve our planet with the exclusive prints and patterns that decorate their collections.

Their AW23 collection is available to order until March 31, and you can restock your store with their SS23 collection now thanks to immediate deliveries!


Kid Category

Fresh brands - Orderwizz

Kid Category has already made a reputation for itself as the brand for high quality, fashion-forward, comfortable kid’s clothing. Coming from Los Angeles, California, their collections are made with 100% sustainable cotton fibers. These fibers are turned into French terrys, cotton twills, and knit jerseys to make clothes that are soft yet durable. A simple color palette brings the beautiful silhouettes that draw inspiration from the 90’s to life.

Keep placing orders on their AW23 collection until April 1!


Mimi Bergamote

Created from a desire to make products that are equally playful and educational, discover Mimi Bergamote! They make toys to encourage kids to become an active participant in their daily life and learning. Their toys help promote communication and organization among families. Mimi Bergamote uses high quality materials to offer products that respect the children that play with them and the environment.

Restock your store with Mimi Bergamote’s amazing products available for immediate delivery!


We are so excited to have these fresh brands on Orderwizz as part of our community year round! Shop their new collections (and those of all the other incredible brands, too!) before sales close. Plus, don’t forget to restock your store with immediate deliveries – spring will be here before we know it! Brands are welcome to join any time, and verified buyers have free access to the platform, so what are you waiting for? Head to Orderwizz now and join the only B2B marketplace dedicated exclusively to the kids’ fashion and lifestyle industry and be included in our next article on fresh brands on Orderwizz!


Header photo from Favorite People 
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship