We love teaming up with our partner Promas season after season to put some of the incredible French brands that will be at Playtime Paris and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York in the spotlight. Ranging from beautiful fashion to outstanding outerwear, let us give you a sneak peek at the elegant French brands waiting for you at the Winter 2024 editions of The Big Small Show!


Poule Party

Founded by a mother of two, Poule Party was created to bring eco-responsible products to the children’s market. The brand’s identity is centered around playfulness and humor, in addition to sustainability. At Poule Party, they love the planet as well as its inhabitants. For this reason, part of their profits go to associations fighting for animal rights. In bright colors and joyful prints, Poule Party has hats, snoods, ponchos, socks, and everything else kids need to adventure and explore in comfort and style!

Get your pass to meet them at Playtime Paris!


Studio Bohème

“Organic from the beginning,” meet Studio Bohème! Their timeless products for children and women seamlessly blend Parisian effortless style and bohemian elements to create unique collections. Valuing ecology, minimalism, and diversity, Studio Bohème uses soft, natural materials to create gender fluid pieces. With subtle colors and exclusive prints, their collections stand out in their simplicity and elegance.

Discover their AW24-25 collection January 27-29!



Born in the beautiful town of Montpellier, Lilinoa’s universe is bohemian, poetic, romantic, and timeless. Taking each customer on a journey, their collections inspire curiosity and community. Lilinoa invites us to take life slower, to enjoy the small moments, and respect our planet. Relaxed silhouettes are paired with subtle prints, bringing timeless lines to the modern era. Beautiful and simplistic, Lilinoa’s range of garments and accessories are sure to please parents and kids alike!

Step into their romantic universe in both Paris and New York!


Hello Simone

Hello Simone was founded by a former fashion journalist, which is clear the moment you spot their incredible collections! Using styles that are playful, yet sophisticated, their practical looks celebrate children’s boundless imagination. Hello Simone tells a new story with each collection about an amusing Parisian girl named Simone, inviting us to accompany her on stylish adventures to different countries. Through exclusive prints and embroidery, Hello Simone takes us on a fun (yet comfortable!) journey through chic clothes, knits, and accessories.

Join the adventure in Paris and New York!


Louise Misha

Louise Misha is another French brand on an endless adventure! Through each of its collections, every detail is carefully considered to bring to life their world through the colors and materials used. Offering freedom of movement to their little models, Louise Misha consciously produces each piece to preserve our planet’s resources and ensure its continued beauty for generations to come. With garments and accessories for children and parents, they also have a range of home goods to surround the entire family in a beautiful, bohemian world.

Rendez-vous with Louise Misha in New York!


Antoinette Paris

For classical children with elevated tastes, look no further than Antionette Paris! This French brand designs handmade smocked heirlooms and dresses with refined, couture-level style. Their goal is to preserve the handmade craftsmanship unique to France. Celebrating traditional tastes, Antoinette Paris’ collections are perfect for special occasions or every day, blending beauty and comfort into timeless styles.

Meet them at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York February 11-13!


Tartine et Chocolat

Garments, bedding, stuffed animals and perfume can all be found at Tartine et Chocolat! One of the first children’s brands to offer a complete universe for kids, this French brand is a leader in the industry. Tartine et Chocolat’s collections are meant to be passed on for generations and to be held dear in childhood memories. With a simplicity and authenticity of style, their pieces never go out of style. A special attention to detail and finishing make each piece utter perfection, while high quality materials ensure their products’ comfort.

Check out their new collection in New York this February!



With a love of nature and sewing clothes for her own daughters, Risu.Risu was born to create the most beautiful organic kid’s clothing possible. Having developed their own organic jersey that offer kids garments that are extremely comfortable yet super stylish, Risu.Risu is an innovator. This exclusive fabric can’t be found anywhere else, with both the cotton and the dye being certified organic. Working towards zero waste, this brand is as eco-friendly as it is beautiful!

Find their latest collection at Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, or year round on Orderwizz!


If you’re on the lookout for French elegance, The Big Small Show is the place to be! We can’t wait to meet all of these French brands and more in Paris and New York in just a few weeks. Get your pass to join us for two unmissable trade shows!


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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship