Just before each show, our partner Fashion Snoops breaks down the kid’s trends of the season to help guide buyers shopping while they browse the aisles of The Big Small Show, as well as to confirm the colors, prints, patterns, and silhouettes that brands have incorporated into their collections. This year is no different, so let Fashion Snoops reveal the AW23 kid’s trends you won’t want to miss discovering in person at the trend spaces and exclusive conferences at The Big Small Show this winter!


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AW23 fashion - lifestyle trends

kids' fashion & lifestyle trends

In Enthrall, we enter a world of wonderment, a realm teeming with endless possibilities and questions. As we experience life through the eyes of a child, we behold the everyday curiosities of the world around us. From lurking shadows to the bright beam of the moon, it is often the nocturnal phenomena that captures and fascinates children as they experience this magic with an open mind and heart. Enthrall captures and harnesses this unfiltered awe and fascination with the everyday beauty of the world around us. With an emphasis on genderless and seasonless, this story presents a timeless collection of elevated special occasion pieces. Casual silhouettes are reimagined in luxe fabrics and twinkling embellishments for all genders and are inspired by a child’s endless curiosity for all things enticing that beckon in the bewitching hour.


Come shop the trend at The Big Small Show!

AW23 kids' fashion - lifestyle
Paade Mode (both shows); Jewelry by Super Smalls (New York)
AW23 kid's trends
Coat by Caramel (Paris); Skirt by Maison Mangostan (both shows); Boots by Naturino (both shows)
AW23 kid's trends
Dress by Paade Mode (both shows); Tote bag by The New Society (Paris); Shoes by Pèpè Children Shoes (Paris)
AW23 kids' fashion - lifestyle trends
Top by Molo (New York); Skirt by Wander & Wonder (both shows); Tights by Paade Mode (both shows); Shoes by Pèpè Children Shoes (Paris)
AW23 kids fashion trend
Hat and top by The New Society (Paris); Pants by The Sunday Collective (both shows); Shoes by Paade Mode (both shows)
AW23 kid's trends
Aisabobo (New York)



AW23 kids' fashion lifestyle trends

AW23 kid's fashion trends

Our conversation on the Alpha Generation continues in Omni as we continue to think outside our binaries, acknowledging and adapting to the realities and expectations of a new generation. Here, we rewrite the rules on gendered dressing and embark on the new experience of universal design – beautiful, comfortable, and inspiring clothes for children of all-abilities. As we bring to fruition the true definition of universal design and its accessibility to all, we will empower all humans with the canvas for self-expression by creating apparel, accessories, and footwear that is adaptable, accessible, and inclusive.


Add Omni to your store with these brands!

AW23 kid's fashion trends
Crew neck by Bleu Citron (Paris); Pants by Maison Mangostan (both shows); Sneakers by Falcotto (both shows)
AW23 kid's trends
Sweatshirt by Maison Mangostan (both shows); Skirt by Arsène et les pipelettes (Paris); Tights by Paade Mode (both shows); Sneakers by Falcotto (both shows)
AW23 kid's fashion trend
Beanie by Main Story (Paris); Top by Molo (New York); Pants by The Sunday Collective (both shows); Sneakers by Veja (Paris)
AW23 kid's fashion trends
Dress by Paade Mode (both shows); Bag by Sticky Lemon (Paris); Shoes by Falcotto (both shows)
Siaomimi (New York)


We’re feeling inspired and like we better understand the AW23 kid’s trends after this deep dive. We can’t wait to see them come to life at The Big Small Show this weekend in Paris and in New York February 12-14 in the trend spaces, and make sure you book your seat to attend the seminars by Fashion Snoops Monday, January 30th at 11:00am in Paris and Monday, February 14th at 3:00pm in New York. Come join us for three days spent exploring new collections, gaining professional insights into the trends with Fashion Snoops’ spaces and conferences, and growing your business!


Header image from The New Society 
Trend moodboards and color palettes from Fashion Snoops
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