Photography is such an integral part of the kids’ fashion & lifestyle industry. Images are how brands and retailers communicate their identity to the world, and a crucial component of cultivating a strong social media presence that is essential for success in the modern market.

To inspire you (or create a new contact for your future lookbooks!), let us introduce you to Natalia Horinkova Areosa: mother of two, world traveler, and breathtaking kid’s fashion photographer.


Let’s see the world through Natalia’s eyes!


kid's fashion photographer


Please introduce yourself!

I am Natalia, photographer and mum of two. I live in Portugal with my husband and kids and our dog Marley. Portugal was my last stop while traveling around the world and I fell in love with the country and now, my husband, Diogo.


How would you define your universe and your photographic aesthetic?

Playful and raw, as I’m trying to capture the world of kids the way our parents would do on their film cameras. At the photoshoot, I like kids to take the lead. It’s just so nice when they come out of their shy shell and we get very natural results.


children's fashion photography


When and how did you start working in photography?

I got into all of it when I was 21 and lived in Dubai. I was shooting as an assistant at weddings and food photography. I knew I wanted to photograph fashion and after moving to Australia, I made it happen.

A few years into it, I started to do some more personal work, more photos of landscape and people at the beach early in the morning, some underwater photography, too. This brought new opportunities and also a new way to look at my work.

After 9 years in Australia, I had decided to travel the world and did many trips as a travel photographer for several organisations as well as some of my own projects, mostly focused on Greenland and their short but intense summer.



What made you decide to work as a photographer for the kids’ fashion & lifestyle industry?

After my daughter was born, I took a two year break from photography and was only taking photos of her at the beginning.

It was all very natural and spontaneous when some brands asked me to do small jobs and collaborations. Bigger offers came in and I realized I really enjoy working with kids of all ages. My husband has 7 siblings and we are a big, and still growing, family – number 18 is on the way! The nephew and nieces were always (and still are) my favorite models.


children's fashion photography


Where do you draw inspiration from for your photoshoots?

From my kids, the way they explore the world, the way they play and look at things. Also from old photos, mine and ones from the internet. I am also very inspired by the place we live at. We moved from a city to a small village, back to nature and I think you can see that in my photos immensely.


What do you look for in the brands you collaborate with?

I love woking with brands that have a sense of what kids like to wear, colors and patterns but at the same time, I love seeing stuff I remember from my childhood, things I wish that my parents put away in a box, because fashion always returns.


What are some of your favorite brands to work with?

I was lucky enough to work with some amazing brands this past year and I really enjoyed the diversity of styles. From Apolina, through Misha and Puff, those were my two dreams come true. Other amazing brands that always trusted my point of view and I love working with are Repose Ams, Nonna Lietta, Boo Studio, and MaJuLa handmade for example…. but I could go on and on.


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Can you walk us through your preparation for a photoshoot?

I work with most of my clients long distance so preparation and great communication is very crucial. Firstly, I get to know their collection. I feel like this is very important for me to spark the first ideas of where the location of the shoot and even models. I always ask the brand for sketches or flats of the new collection. Sourcing location, I really love shooting outdoors, and with Portuguese weather I can do so almost the whole year around.

I like to be part of the whole process but, of course, the brand’s vision is very important and comes first, like a mood board or what was their inspiration for the collection.


What is your most beautiful memory from a photoshoot?

Oh, you got me here! I dont think I have one that is the most beautiful. Maybe not just yet. I always am very touched when I click with the kids, when they come to me between the photos and give you a hug or just put their head on me to rest. I value always this moment because I understand I touched their little lives a bit more than just as a photographer.



Is there a dream photoshoot that you want to make happen, but haven’t had the chance or the right moment to realize yet?

My head is always spinning with ideas. I have plenty on my mind, luckily, with each client and each shoot I get to fulfil some part of my dream. Either with the team, location or models. I believe I don’t have a specific one, rather that my dream is to work more with creatives, bigger teams, to work more in details and also to be able to focus more on the photography creative process only.


children's fashion photographer


Do you want to share with us an artist’s work or instagram account that we shouldn’t miss that inspired you?

There are a number of photographers that I am very touched by when I see their work, like Lisa Sorgini or Claire Guarry but my always inspiration is Erinn Springer, a friend and fantastic photographer. Her work is inspired by family dynamic, rural living and memories. Outside of photography circles, I love work of @joguines_grapat. Artists and parents, I am sure I don’t have to introduce you to their brilliant world of play.


We hope you’re all feeling inspired after discovering some of Natalia’s photography and learning  more about her and her work! You can follow Natalia on Instagram @nata.horinkova and keep discovering her vision of childhood!

All photographs courtesy of Natalia Horinkova Areosa
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship