Kids’ rooms are sacred spaces where imagination can run wild and children can fully be themselves, which is why Playtime loves kid’s lifestyle and decor brands as much as fashion! There will be so many lifestyle brands at Playtime Paris that a whole area of the show will be dedicated just to them, as well as an inspiring trend space curated by our partner Design Hunger. To tide you over until meeting them in person, let’s decorate rooms for 5 different types of children with products from some of the lifestyle brands coming to the show!



Bright colors, bold graphic shapes, and a strong sense of creativity decorate the rooms of tiny artists. From toys that can be mixed and matched to furniture and decor that act as sources of inspiration, little creatives will love these products that ignite the fire of imagination.

kids' rooms - Playtime Paris

From @gabiwork



Delicate textures and starry motifs decorate the rooms of kids that spend their time in dreamworlds, with soft colors and smooth textures carrying them off to imaginary lands and far-off places. Encourage children to dream and shoot for the stars with these beautiful products.

kids' rooms - Playtime Paris

From @littlefrenchheartstore


The Maximalist

Everything, everywhere – that’s how The Maximalist decorates! More colors, more clothes, and make sure it is equally contrasting and complementary. One can’t go wrong with brands that offer decor, costumes, bedding, and toys that are bold and make a strong statement for this type of kid’s room!

kids' rooms - Playtime Paris

From @wolfnoodle_


The Minimalist

Smooth lines and neutral colors are featured in the carefully curated space for minimalist kids. Toys that have simple yet chic shapes, furniture where function and form are on full display: find it all with these brands that will be at Playtime Paris this January.

kids' rooms - Playtime Paris

From @homemagazineofficial


 The Nature Lover

Flora and fauna are highly featured in the rooms of children that love the outdoors! Scientific minds call for warm colors, toys and art that draw inspiration from the outdoors, and decor that encourages kids to embrace their wild side.

kids' rooms - Playtime Paris



What type of kid’s room would you have?

Personally, we can’t pick just one! Get your pass to meet these brands and more at Playtime Paris on January 28-30, 2023, where you can also discover Design Hunger’s trend space with more amazing lifestyle brands you won’t want to miss meeting. In the meantime, check out the article on Design Hunger’s favorite brands on Orderwizz here!


Header photo from @emmapigsandroses
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship