There’s no better way to get in the Halloween spirit than watching some scary movies!

Of course, we don’t want to watch anything too scary for our little ones, so here on Playtime we have cultivated a list of the best family movies to watch! Halloween is a great time for kids to explore their imagination and dress up like one of their favorite characters. It allows them to bring their creativity to the real world for one day, and have some candy at the same time!


Enjoy the time of the season with these scary family movies!



kid friendly movie
family friendly halloween movie



When the spirits of a deceased couple are disturbed by a living family moving into their house, they have no choice but to try to scare them away! When this doesn’t work, they summon the spirit of the troublemaker Beetlejuice to try to help them! Kids will love this classic film and its 80’s flair!


When Max and his family move to Salem, he can’t believe that everyone thinks witches are real. But when he lights a candle and summons three witches, he starts to believe in them too! He and his friends must then figure out how to stop them and save the town! This film will have the whole family laughing, and maybe even convince some family members witches are real!


kid friendly scary movie
kid's halloween movie


CASPER (1995)

When an afterlife therapist and his daughter move into a haunted mansion to exorcise it, they are surprised to meet Casper! He is the ghost of a little boy, and the friendliest ghost they ever met! Unfortunately, his uncles “live” in the castle too, and it’s up to Casper, the therapist, and his daughter to help them move on to the other side! Kids will want to live in a haunted mansion to find a ghost friend like Casper!


A nervous groom is practicing his vows one night in the forest, only to accidentally say them to a woman buried there! She rises from the grave to be with her new husband, causing a commotion among the living. Set in the Victorian Era, this film features fun songs that will have kids singing along!


children's scary movie
children's horror movie



Three teenagers go up against a true haunted house in this film! The house itself is the monster, taking any toys or bikes that end up on its lawn. The teens team up to figure out how to stop the house once and for all! This movie will have kids ready to face their fears with their friends!


An adventurous girl is tired of her parents not paying enough attention to her. When she finds a world similar to her own, but with more exciting parents, she doesn’t ever want to leave! She soon realizes this other world has a dark side, and must then figure out how to escape it. Kids will love the colors and excitement in this film, while tapping into their adventurous side!


family-friendly movie
family friendly halloween



Everyone’s favorite ogre challenges his storybook friends to a scary story contest in this Halloween special! Before knowing the winner of the contest, the group has to spend an entire night in Lord Farquaad’s haunted castle. This movie brings together all the characters from Shrek, but in a spooky new way! Kids will love seeing characters like Puss in Boots telling scary stories and wearing costumes, just like them!


A boy who can talk to the dead is the only person who can save his town from a witch’s curse! He has to face ghosts, zombies, and grown-ups while trying to save the town with the help of his unlikely friends. This film will encourage kids to embrace their individuality, while also giving them ideas for their Halloween costumes!


halloween family film
halloween family movie



Dracula owns a high-end resort for all kinds of ghouls and monsters to get away from the human world and relax in this film! He invites his friends to Hotel Transylvania to celebrate his daughter’s birthday, when a human boy finds the hotel and falls in love with her! Kids will love this film and its transformation of classic monsters into fun characters!


Tim Burton puts a spin on the classic story of Frankenstein with Frankenweenie! When Victor’s dog passes away, he decides to perform a science experiment to bring his beloved pet back to life! This black-and-white film recalls classic horror movies of the past, bringing them to kids in an accessible and fun way!


kid-friendly halloween
family halloween movie


COCO (2017)

In this colorful film, Miguel dreams of becoming a musician like his great-great-grandfather! He finds himself in the Land of the Dead and sets off to discover his family history with the help of his new friend, Hector. Kids will love the colors and music in this film, while learning the value of family!


When Mary follows a strange cat into a forest, she finds a rare flowerthat only blooms in this wood every seven years. When she picks it, she is whisked away to the magical Endor College! She must then learn how to use her new powers and help to set things right. Kids will love discovering this vibrant, magical world based on the children’s book “The Little
Broomstick” by Mary Stewart!


Which films will you be watching to celebrate this Halloween?

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Madeline Blankenship
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