Calling all Francophiles! We are so excited to welcome many French brands to The Big Small Show each season and, with the help of our partner Promas, we want to introduce you to some of the labels you’ll meet this month and next. While following the iconic French style codes of elegance and beauty, these brands coming to Paris and New York put their own twist on fashion to make collections that are one of a kind. Take a sneak peek at their styles and get your pass to come meet them at The Big Small Show and shop their new collections!




Maison Tadaboum

A brand born with the intention to bring fun, gender neutral, easy-to-wear clothing to the children’s market, Maison Tadaboum has been doing just that since 2019. With bright colors, eco-friendly cotton fabrics, and playful modern prints chosen by real kids, their collections are always exciting, all while maintaining a strong focus on minimizing their environmental impact.

Don’t want to wait for Playtime Paris to meet them?

Meet Maison Tadaboum now on Orderwizz to see their collections before the show!


Moonbloom Création

Kid's fashion

Moonbloom Création has cultivated a universe centered around their uniquely designed baby clothes. Taking their time to search for fabrics that are original, high quality, and responsible, their garments are handmade in France. With a hint of retro and a lot of style, Moonbloom Création collections are made with time, love, and care.

Come discover their universe at Playtime Paris January 28-30!


Lison Paris

Let yourself be carried away by the beautiful story and collections from Lison Paris… the gentle waves will take you to two incredible sisters and the brand they’ve created together. Reinventing themselves with each new collection, Lison Paris brings new colors and styles while always keeping their anti-UV fabrics to keep little ones safe while they soak up the sun!

Why wait for The Big Small Show?

You can say “enchanté” to Lison Paris year round on Orderwizz!



French Brands - Big Small Show

Inspired by children and designed with parents in mind, discover ingenious collections from Joey! Borrowing its name from baby kangaroos, this French brand hops to the top of mind when thinking of the perfect raincoats, hats, diaper bags, and other essential items for the daily lives of both kids and their parents.

Can’t wait to see their range of products?

You can rendez-vous now with Joey on Orderwizz to schedule a meeting at the show!


Loir Paris

Respectful of the planet and its people, collections from LOIR Paris have a distinctive style that is timeless and delicate. Using Oeko-Tex or upcycled fabrics, they produce small series to minimize their impact and avoid deadstock. And, if you’re looking to test your green thumb, LOIR Paris’ clothing labels are made from seeds, so you can plant them in the ground and watch them grow!

Meet them at Playtime Paris and watch your business blossom!


Studio Bohème Paris

French brands - Big Small Show

Driven by ecology, minimalism, and diversity, Studio Bohème Paris designs their collections with a contemporary style that effortlessly blends bohemian influences with Parisian nonchalance. Their mostly gender fluid pieces come in subtle, patented colors and exclusive prints, and are always made with soft and natural organic materials.

Playtime Paris is just around the corner…

… But why not virtually visit by heading to Studio Bohème Paris’ showroom on Orderwizz!


Oh là là!



Inspired by nature, especially flowers, Risu.Risu collections are full of elegance, romance, and organic materials. Their exclusive, GOTS certified organic jersey is double-sided and quilted for maximum comfort as children move and play. Offering daywear, pajamas, and everything in between, Risu.Risu has all the essentials to dress children from morning to night!

Are we seeing double? No, triple!

You can meet Risu.Risu at Playtime Paris, Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York, and all year round on Orderwizz!




Louise Misha

Louise Misha is a brand that embodies a continual need to get away, with collections that transport kids, babies, women, and homes themselves to a new place through their bohemian colors and prints. Each detail for their garments and home goods is carefully considered to allow for movement and freedom!

Go on a NYC vacay and visit Louise Misha’s booth February 12-14!



kid's classic fashion

Antoinette Paris is bringing traditional French designs to the American market with their high quality and elegant designs. Drawing inspiration from French cultural staples like Impressionist paintings, classical music, Versailles, and Haute Couture designers, Antoinette Paris creates handmade, delicate smocks with breathtaking embroidery that bring princess style to a new generation of children.

Paris: it’s not just for France anymore!


We’re suddenly very hungry for a baguette and a croissant… Anyone else?

If you’re hungry for more, get your pass to meet these brands in Paris and New York and add beautiful French brands from The Big Small Show to your store!


Header photo from Maison Tadaboum
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