Playtime Paris may be over, but we’re still excited about all the amazing brands we met there! To bring you in on the fun, we chatted with Adriana Esperalba, the creative mind behind first time exhibitor True Artist. You may know Adriana from Bobo Choses, but in this interview she’ll unveil why she decided to create this new label. We’ll discuss it’s unique DNA, where her inspiration for the collections come from, and how they differ. She will also share how their first experience at The Big Small Show went! Join us as we sit down to learn more and reminisce on the blast of this past Winter 2024 season!


Please introduce yourself and True Artist.

My name is Adriana Esperalba, and I am the Founder and Creative Director of both Bobo Choses and True Artist. True Artist was born from recognizing a need for a new approach to children’s fashion. The brand champions the idea that sophistication and artistry are not exclusive to adults. We focus on creating pieces that blend timeless design with artistic expression. At its heart, True Artist is about nurturing the innate creativity in children. We do this by offering them clothing that is not only high-quality, comfortable, and looks modern, but also serves as a tool to explore their artistic talents, encouraging a cleaner yet more expressive and accessible aesthetic.


Why did you decide to create this new brand? What distinguishes them from one another?

I felt the need for a brand that spoke to the quieter, more artistic side of children’s fashion. Bobo Choses is fantastic for its color, vibrancy, fun characters, and original children’s stories. With True Artist, I wanted to explore a more understated, artistic approach. True Artist is the realization of that vision, focusing on a more refined, sophisticated approach while still cherishing the creativity and innocence of childhood.


Where did the inspiration come from for the brand name?

‘True Artist’ is a nod to the authenticity we aim to inspire in kids. It’s about encouraging them to be true to themselves, to explore and express their individuality through art and fashion. It’s our vision and hope for every child who wears our brand.

True Artist SS24 Main Collection

What makes True Artist stand out in the children’s market?

In a market often crowded with the usual trends, True Artist stands as a testament to timeless fashion. What makes us stand out is our commitment to merging the worlds of art and fashion in a way that’s refined and sophisticated, yet accessible for kids.


Can you please explain the difference between True Artist’s main collections and its capsule collections? Why did you decide to do both types of collections?

The Main Collection is our brand’s backbone, a reflection of our enduring philosophy and the season’s mood. The capsules from the Étude Collection, meanwhile, are our playground for creativity. This is where we can experiment and bring fresh, limited-edition pieces.

Where does the inspiration for the collections come from?

We draw inspiration from everywhere – the arts, nature, and the world around us. Each collection is a mosaic of these influences.


Why, as a kid’s brand, do you think sustainability is important? What are some of your sustainable initiatives?

As a brand for children, we feel it’s our responsibility to contribute to a healthier planet for their future. That’s why sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from materials to production. For example, we prioritize sustainable and recycled fibers, and most of our collection is produced near our headquarters, or locally between Spain and Portugal.


You initially launched the brands uniquely as a B2C label with regular drops. How have you adapted this strategy to your wholesale business?

Starting with a B2C approach allowed us to form a direct bond with our customers, presenting our vision in its purest and most authentic form, and gaining valuable firsthand insights into their preferences and expectations. As we organically transition into the B2B market, we’re adapting this intimate approach to meet wholesale needs while maintaining our artistic integrity. Our innovative market-oriented strategy offers retailers immediate access to our pieces, eliminating traditional lead times and aligning our production with the dynamism of the fashion industry. It’s about being responsive, adaptable, and ensuring the essence of True Artist is inherent in every piece we offer.


How does the True Artist Team want to see the brand grow and evolve in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I’d love to see True Artist become a community more than just a brand, a place where creativity in children’s fashion is celebrated and nurtured.

kid's fashion brandTrue Artist SS24 Étude capsule

What made you decide to exhibit at Playtime Paris?

We chose Playtime Paris to introduce ourselves to a global audience, to show what we’re all about in a space that appreciates uniqueness and quality, and to connect with like-minded individuals and brands.


How was your first experience at The Big Small Show?

It was truly special – a chance to connect, to see the reactions to our work, and to feel the excitement and love for what True Artist represents. It was more than we could have asked for.

True Artist’s booth at Playtime Paris, Winter 2024


We are so happy to that you enjoyed being at Playtime Paris as much as we enjoyed having you there! Thank you to Adriana for taking the time to answer these questions. We were so excited loved learning more about the brand and its story. Having both True Artist and Bobo Choses at The Big Small Show this winter was wonderful, and we hope to see them again in Paris June 29 through July 1 for the Summer 2024 edition! Brands, applications will open for the summer shows at the beginning of March, so get ready to join us for a brand new season!


Header image from True Artist, SS24 Étude capsule
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship