We love learning more about brands in our community! Coming from around the world, they can expand our knowledge, offering new perspectives and ways of seeing things. We are so proud to have international labels at our trade shows each season. While at Playtime Paris, we spoke with the South Korean brand Oops My Boy to learn about their unique concept. Let’s dive into this brand’s universe!


In the summer of 2021 in Seoul, South Korea, two men’s fashion magazine editors asked themselves why there are so few clothes that preserve the basics of men’s fashion for boys beyond their childhood. From this spark of curiosity, the brand Oops My Boy was born. A man’s approach to fashion as an adult often traces back to the clothes he wore in his youth. This means that the choices made by parents in terms of clothing and their combinations during kids’ early years are crucial.

One of the founders was herself a mother to a 5-year-old boy. While there are many gender neutral options for children ages 1 through 5, finding clothes specifically designed for boys started to become challenging around the ages of 6 and 7. This can make it hard for children to decide what they want to wear and the kind of clothes they’d like to be dressed in. This is where Oops My Boy comes in!

Oops My BoyAutumn-Winter 2022 Collection

The brand is designed for boys ages 6 to 13. The collections are made for boys who can be imagined to share the largest size with their mother who has a boyish sense of style. Oops My Boy wants children to love the clothes they wear. They want them to still love them when looking back at childhood photos, too. Through the fashion of their youth, Oops My Boy aspires to develop lifelong fashion senses. Helping kids to understand aspects such as color, texture, and detail, their designs foster familiarity with the act of wearing clothes.

One of the things that makes Oops My Boy so unique is that they have consistently worked with the same models. They wanted to focus on capturing three twin models as they grow up to develop the brand alongside them. At the start, the boys were 8-years-old, and are now 11. Through Oops My Boy, one can observe the unedited journey of boys transitioning from children into young men. Experiencing the ever-growing appearance of a child with each season and witnessing the various aspects of Oops My Boy growing alongside them is an emotional experience that can’t be felt with any other brand.

All three boys are named after significant figures in Korean history, adding another layer of connection to the brand. The first is named Sejong, who was a great king that created the Korean alphabet, Hangul. Sejong is scholarly and reserved. Second is Sunsin, who was a famous admiral in the Joseon Dynasty known for his wit and mischievousness. The third boy is named Jumong. Jumong was a king who founded the ancient kingdom of Goguryeo. True to the youngest sibling’s nature, Jumong is playful, expressive, and has a lot of charm.

With each of these boys and their unique personalities, kids can relate to them and the clothes. Steeping each collection in history and unique silhouettes, Oops My Boy goes further than just bring clothes to boy’s fashion. It’s a brand rich in history and meaning.

Oops My BoySpring-Summer 2022 Collection

For their Autumn-Winter 2024-25 collection, Oops My Boy drew inspiration from the idea of opening a child’s closet and seeing items a father or uncle might wear. Titled “Like a Grown Up Closet,” the collection focuses on clothes that one would like to wear as an adult. They wanted the collection to be full of pieces that others would appreciate when they see boys wearing them. The outfits evoke recollections of a simple childhood fashion.

This collection is a snapshot of the moment boys begin to discover their sense of fashion. Through the practice of matching their trousers and jackets, boy’s can develop their identities. The phrases that boys at this age connect to the most are “friends” and “family,” which are printed on the sweatshirt sleeves. Aside from this, the designs and prints are kept to a minimum. A blend of colorful and monochrome outfits create a combination of a child and an adult wardrobe, which is a distinctive feature of this collection. Rather than being childlike, the pieces that can be mixed-and-matched are rather sophisticated.

This winter, Oops My Boy decided to exhibit at Playtime Paris to explore their potential for expansion overseas. They had a great time meeting with international buyers they already work with face-to-face, and hearing their opinions about Oops My Boy. It was also interesting for them to learn that many other buyers often have a hard time finding clothes for boys aged 6 to 13. What’s happening to boys of that age range worldwide, right? It further reaffirmed their theory that boys these ages need more options. The team still reminisces on the wonderful time they had at The Big Small Show. The vibrant energy there, morning walks through the woods to the venue, and the delicious crepes remain vivid in their minds!

In 2024, Oops My Boy is considering shooting a new lookbook for girls with boyish tastes, expanding the reach of their collection. They want to present the brand based on style preferences, rather than simply by gender.


We loved learning more about this one-of-a-kind brand! Oops My Boy truly stands out in the kid’s fashion industry. This brand is so full of heart and history. From the use of the same models to show the unedited transition of boys into young men, to the very names of the triplets themselves, there is so much to learn from this label. Thank you to Oops My Boy for sharing their incredible story with us!

We hope to see them again this summer! Brands can apply now to exhibit at Playtime Paris June 29 through July 1 and Playtime & Kid’s Hub New York July 28-30. Join us for a new season of discoveries, and in the meantime – stay tuned for more brand success stories!


Header image from Oops My Boy SS21 Collection
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Madeline Blankenship
Madeline Blankenship