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Kids outfit inspired by best animated movies

The 2021 Academy Awards ceremony will take place on April 25th in Los Angeles. So let's get ready. We only have one month left to find out the winners of the 2021 Oscars! The 5 nominees for Best Animated Feature have inspired us at Playtime. It's safe to say that kids' favorite cartoons can come to life with these perfectly matched outfits. No predictions here for the upcoming Oscars...too hard for us to pick a movie or a kid's look, even if Soul seems to be on a roll!

Let's have a look at outfit's inspiration linked to the movies:

Over the Moon

Over the moon is an animated musical, where Fei Fei, full of dreams of adventure, is determined to make her life extraordinary by building a rocket to the moon. The Ribbies brand encourages young girls to believe that if they set their intention on anything then they can achieve everything, just as Fei Fei is ready to prove the existence of a legendary moon goddess. And we bet that after the Oscar ceremony, every little girl will want to wear a headband in her hair. Get ready, check out the Ribbies showroom on Playtime marketplace!

Instagram: @ribbiesclippies

Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

This brilliant and so funny British comedy is back on screen! And for this Farmageddon, Shaun the sheep will need Soldiers by his side to fight an alien. This time is about togetherness, friendship, and inclusiveness. Because this creature could finally not be the enemy. And Shaun the sheep could have a new friend to run for the Oscar! Pretty knitwear and a long-eared companion sounds like the perfect match for Carbon soldier too.


Finding your soul to follow your passion is the message of this beautiful new Pixar film, Soul. Max and Lola children's brand is for those who think they can catch the wind in their hair and want to be birds with bright feathers. Two ways to discover how important it is to live your passion! And if the spirits match, so do the outfits, check out how this classy looks from Max & Lola would look so good on Joe Garner, the hero of Soul, walking in the streets of New York.

Instagram: @maxlolabrand


Ian and Barley, two elve brothers, are determined to see their dead father one last time. Is there any greater adventure than embarking on a quest to bring their father back for a day? A journey is full of discovery for sure. The New Society brand manifesto encourages children to come together and care for each other.
No doubt the two elf brothers from Pixar's new urban adventure, Onward, will be big fans of The New Society outfit inspired by our very emotions and experiences.


In a world where superstitions and magic are omnipresent, young Robyn helps her father hunt the last wolf pack. But everything changes when, while hunting in the forest, Robyn meets Mebh, a little girl by day, a wolf by night. The Irish inspiration of the Mainio children's brand would be perfect to dress the characters of Wolfwalkers, this brilliant fantasy adventure nominated for the 2021 Oscars. The common thread is, of course, the Irish spirit but also the little touch of magic and fantasy that inspires Mainio's collections. A brand that appeals to all children: the explorers, the marginalized, the brave, and the poets!

This Irish spirit from Mainio would be perfect to play in Wolfwalkers, this brilliant fantasy adventure.

Instagram: @mainioclothing

So this is it…. Have you decided which one is your favorite?


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