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The wooden world of April Eleven

Wooden unicorn music box
Delicate and natural, April Eleven brings a bit of nostalgia and softness to our kids' rooms.

Woodn't it be nice to have this cute mirror in your kid's room? Ok, forget about our not-so-good wordplays, and let's have a deeper look at this amazing brand!

Founded on a day of April 2011 (now you know where the name comes from), French brand April Eleven came from Charline Preuilh's imagination. Graduate of ESMOD International Paris, her love of simple and clean things led her to the children's world.

Wooden tulip coat rack

Made mainly from wood, April Eleven creations have this minimalistic and Scandinavian touch that comes along with every kind of home decor.

Charline Preuilh actually found her inspiration in Scandinavian decoration and the various flea markets where she goes during her free time in search of vintage objects.

The result is a range of minimalistic, natural and useful products for our little ones' rooms: wooden mirrors, wooden music boxes, fabric swings, wooden coat racks... and many more!

The wood used is carefully and conscientiously selected from European forests only. Last but not least, all the products are drawn and made in France, by Charline herself. All the more reason to love April Eleven!

Wodden boat music box
Wooden swallow music box
Letter of love wooden light
Fabric swing with macramé details
Wooden kite and rabbit mirrors

Check out how Charline Preuilh make her beautiful creations:

April Eleven will be at Playtime Paris this coming January, make sure to be there!


April Eleven's wooden ice cream mirror and bear wooden pantin