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The Cosmic Power of Kids On The Moon

“Let your element be a guide to a more intuitive self.”

With a deeply rooted belief in the concept of aesthetic education, Kids On The Moon introduces their newest collection centring around the elements of the universe. With an aim to encourage kids to be brave and independent, the Autumn-Winter collection focuses on the beauty and the simplicity of Mother Nature.

While the adults are busy planning their day based on the effects of lunar waves, the Polish brand allows kids to experience the sun, the moon and the stars in their own way – with wide eyes full of curiosity, hands ready to touch and feel, and legs always on the move to visit places beyond imagination. This collection urges the kids to explore their elements and thrive in their beauty and power.

Deciphering and understanding the universe is never an easy task. The universe talks in symbols, and Kids On The Moon has translated this symbolism, paired with beautiful geometric prints, on their collection to represent the allure of the cosmos.

The faded yet vivid colours are emblematic of the palette of the universe -
shades of coral pink, pink mist, pink moss, cord ginger and mint blue.

Resembling the vastness of the universe, the fabrics span across a wide variety – from soft muslins that playfully flutter in the breeze to sturdy yet delicate corduroy that stands the test of time, paired with high quality jersey and cotton flannel to add the simplicity that we often forget exists. The various textures that these fabrics bring to the table illustrate the very nature of the universe.

The gentle ruffles and the sturdy checks, the feminine pleats and the solid colours bring to mind the different energies that surround us. There’s something to be found for every element that builds you up.

Come join the voyage.
Let the elements guide you home.
Come explore the elements with Kids On The Moon in their booth (S03) at Playtime Paris (25-27th January)!


Kids On The Moon