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Thank you Buttercrumble!

Chloe and Abigail Baldwin

The creative duo gets back on its experience at Playtime Paris!

British creative studio Buttercrumble, founded by twin-team Chloe and Abigail Baldwin, was at Playtime Paris at the end of January to celebrate the show's theme of "family".

Chloe and Abigail have created a large-scale group portrait of the event’s attendees. The fun mural has been unveiled over the duration of the show and encouraged participation from those who visit.

"We strongly believe that illustration can boost wellbeing and spark the imagination. We wanted to allow visitors and exhibitors to experience this at the show to nurture the show’s positive vibes. It was an accessible and engaging activity so we could engage as many people as possible."

Each visitor got his/her portrait drawn by the two sisters onto cute red and pink apples and was invited to stick it on the mural.

Over the three days of the show, the mural became a beautiful apple orchard!

Check out the great thank-you video the duo sent us right after the show:

About Buttercrumble
The creative duo blends graphic design and illustration seamlessly with an ethos of making others smile. From engaging storytelling to unmissable identities, they breathe life into their creations by embodying fun. They are passionate about socially engaged-design and believe that creativity should solve problems, provoke questions and inspire action. Buttercrumble has designed for the “greater good” by partnering with UK organisations such as The Royal Armouries, Chester Zoo, BBC Women in Sport.