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Sleeptime Adventures in Paper Cape

Paper Cape is on a mission to make hand-me-downs cool again

There was a time when hand-me-downs were a common way of living – when clothes were handmade by our grandmothers and lasted almost forever. Then there was a time when using second hand clothing was frowned up – garnering an image of Cinderella being tortured by her stepsisters and forced to use their clothes. The fashion cycle has completed its circle and is ready to swing back to the extreme. This pendulum movement is bringing back the concept of hand-me-downs, and PaperCape is on a pursuit of making them cool again.

Created by Alex Golden, Paper Cape is a baby and kids apparel brand with a mantra of making classic clothes for modern kids. The brand makes heirloom quality clothing in classic styles that meet the needs of today’s parents. Designed for active kids, each style is extremely comfortable and ensures that the kids look put-together (even when they’re not!).

Paper Cape was born out of two cravings:

  • To help parents dress their kids in comfortable clothes that look pulled together
  • To design clothes with the expectation that they will last and be handed down

Paper Cape has something for everyone – for the kids who love to stretch in the weirdest of places to parents who enjoy filling photo albums by dressing their kids in different styles. The brand focuses on catering to families who want fewer but high quality pieces that are easy to mix-and-match and easier to pass down to another kid. Paper Cape’s target audience wants unfussy, ultra soft and comfortable classic clothes at affordable price points. The designs carry with them the classic style of Alex’s East Coast roots and the laid-back Californian vibe of San Francisco.

What sets Paper Cape apart from its competition is their usage of Pima cotton. Also known as the ‘cashmere of cotton’, Pima cotton is softer due to its 80% longer fibers that lead to fewer breaking points and almost no pilling. With a weight of 185GSM (grams per square meter), the garments last long and can easily be handed down to a different generation.

As much as Paper Cape cares about slowing the fashion cycles, they deeply care about their ethical and sustainable footprint as well. The brand assures its customers with the following three ethical promises:

  • a commitment of working with fair trade and fair pay organisations
  • choosing the strongest fabrics to ensure their long life
  • a guarantee to continuously improve and move towards sustainable practices
Paper Cape will be waiting for you in booth Q13 at Playtime New York (9-11 February).
Don’t forget to drop by and say hi!

Paper Cape
Classic clothes for modern kids