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Singing in the rain with Lea & Jojo

In the world of children's fashion, some brands catch your attention without knowing why (well, yes you know why). That is the case of Lea&Jojo. This Swiss brand creates raincoats for children from 18 months to 9 years old, made of recycled plastic bottles. Perfectly in line with their values, the brand is certified GRS (Global Standard Recycled), Oeko-Tex 100, bluesign® and GOTS (as far as ribs are concerned).

Created by two young mothers, self-described as « blonde from the alpine pastures and a brunette from the Atlantic coast », Lea&Jojo combines quality, ecological awareness and social ethics. Rather than depleting natural ressources to create their fabrics, the designers have decided to use plastic, a material used daily in modern day society as bottles, bags or accessories of all sort.

A question you may ask : Do Lea and Jojo exist ? The answer is yes : they are respectively children of the two designers (Lea, 3 years old and Joshua, 9).

"LEA & JOJO is a sweet mixture of utopia and candour, whose wish is to allow you to consume "better". Because the planet of tomorrow is not impervious to our actions and our future is in our hands." Lea&Jojo makes us want to splash in a puddle, catch the nice smell of the rain and enjoy those days with a big smile ! The brand will attend Playtime Paris trade show for the first time this July 1-3.

Crédit photo : NinaKina


"Pink Ballon" raincoat © Lea&Jojo
Lea & Jojo is a sweet mixture of utopia and candour, whose wish is to allow you to consume "better" Tania and Karin, founders of Lea&Jojo