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Simple Care From Chouette Paris

The natural skincare line for a better you

With the ever-growing number of organic cosmetic brands in the market, it has become increasingly difficult to stand out from the competition. The healthy skincare line of Chouette Paris has found a way to be different by going back to the basics and providing simple products that lead to a hassle free life. Founded in 2019 by two sisters Margot and Annah, this family owned brand is creating 100% natural products that are easy to use and become a basic necessity in the hierarchy of cosmetics that we use daily.

Made using timeless natural formulas, the skincare products from Chouette Paris do not contain any synthetic elements such as parabens or phthalates. The brand uses only organic ingredients such as organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, fruit waters, natural fragrances, and organic cassis water which protects not only the delicate skin of the young ones but also the health of the environment and the planet.

The products provide a list of ingredients used in the skincare formula
and also list their benefits when used on the skin.
The products can be used on kids from the age of 3.

The products come in PET plastic, an infinitely recyclable eco-friendly packaging, which ensures minimal waste creation. The products also have an economic size for everyday family use and thus reduce excess packaging waste. The bright packaging and labels are sure to brighten up all the corners of the room with their unique design elements.

Produced in the Provence region of France, Chouette Paris works with manufacturers that are respectful to nature and share the same philosophies of quality, rigor and proximity. Believing in a life of balance, the brand aims to retain the innocence of childhood and its creative spirit while moving towards a sustainable future with their ethically strong production processes and the traditional know-how of the French ateliers.

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Chouette Paris
At Chouette Paris, our desire is to help you in your daily life, by offering you healthy, simple products, with timeless formulas and tailored for your whole family.