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Say 'hi' to Bonjour Maurice

It’s always a hassle to get our children dressed up in the morning. Even more when you have to negotiate with them about what they would like to wear. How about reversible, useful, practical and eco-friendly garments, how about Bonjour Maurice.

Learning to be independent and confident is a huge part of the process of growing up. Géraldine de Mey and Céline Lejeune, founders of Bonjour Maurice, understood this creating reversible garments, easy to slip on and off with no inside or outside.

Plus, Bonjour Maurice is committed to the planet and children’s future: garments are exclusively made of organic raw materials and all of them have the GOTS label. "We are inspired by a sustainable fashion that makes clothes that will not only make you happy but also the world around you!"

Founded in January 2017, the brand has opened its first boutique in Brussels at the end of August to present its 2nd collection called "Promenons-nous dans les bois" meaning Let’s Stroll in the Woods. A bright and colored space for parents and children with a slide, a ball pool and a special space reserved for coloring. Some novelties are coming up soon such as DIY and make-up workshops. Let's choose (?), grow up (...) and be happy (!)

The brand will be at Playtime Paris this coming January. Until then, check out their website and their Instagram @bonjourmaurice

Pictures by Ahmed Bahhodh


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