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Retracing Footsteps with Hilda.Henri

A walk down the memory lane with Fleurs du Malaparte

Summer brings with it a sweet smell of old memories where worries cease to exist and all that lingers is the muted happiness of lazy nights and lazier days. Hilda.Henri has packed this summer perfume of the days gone by in their newest SS20 collection.

Fleurs du Malaparte pays homage to the summer adventures at your grandparents. Made of delicate laces, muted fresh colours, and flared silhouettes, the collection brings back the joys of being a little girl again.

The collection is a beautiful combination of pinafores, peter pan collars, circular sleeves, flared jumpsuits and apron skirts, suspenders, and typical mountain inspired pieces such as the Hilda dress, Giuseppina dress and the Frida blouse.

Stacked horizontal lines, vertical multi-coloured stripes and vintage botanical prints take us on a journey of timeless classics that formed the foundation of our lives, and now can be passed on to our kids. Accompanied by chunky headbands with knots and bows, and bucket hats to match the clothes, the collection portrays the perfect picture of the mountains and their aesthetics.

The traditional outlines with the contemporary cuts allow the kids to live a storybook life. Along with the natural fabrics of the Alpine region, Hilda.Henri doesn’t forget to focus on sustainable practices and fair production. With a playful attention to detail, the brand brings the mountainous air right to your doorstep.

It’s time to hand over your experiences and adventures to your children, because some memories are worth it.
Don't forget to check their collection at Booth K09 at Playtime Paris (25-27 January)!


From our grandparents we learned that life is made up of tiny details and happiness is found in the little things - Hilda.Henri