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Reducing the footprint with longlivethequeen

Environmentally conscious brand creates a truly irresistible collection

Caring about the planet the Amsterdam-based brand, longlovethequeen uses upcycled fabrics, such as organic jerseys and soft knits to produce clothing for kids from 4 to 14 years.

The brand focuses on reducing the footprint and helping the wellbeing of the planet Earth and 90% of its production is in Portugal, which is a low-risk country to the fairwear foundation for labour standards.

"We are aware that it is not possible to make fashion without a trace. But we try to improve ourselves every collection."

That's why the production of longlivethequeen involves freely chosen employment, no discrimination, payment of living wage, reasonable hours of work, safe and healthy working conditions, as well as binding employment relationship.

The AW19 collection is full of extraordinary colors, it is fashionable with classic twist and often vintage inspired. Each collection is an addition to the next one.

Because the brand uses the surpluses from fabrics, ribbons and yarns, some styles are limited editions. Beautiful bold and retro inspired colors with a lot of orange, red and blue shades, makes the collection exceptional!


longlivethequeen AW19