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Pirouette One-To-Watch at Playtime New-York 🇺🇸

Playtime New-York has just ended and we are already missing it! Time for us to throwback to one of the highlights of the show: the Pirouette One-To-Watch!

Alejandra Salvatore, designer of the brand Severina kids and One to Watch "Spyglass"

As you already may know now, the purpose of the awards is to identify, highlight and support emerging talent entering the industry, something Pirouette blog has long championed.
The awards are open to new and young brands exhibiting at the shows and are chosen by both Florence Rolando and Katie Kendrick from Pirouette blog.
This season, Pirouette has collaborated with the brilliant designer Alejandra Salvatore of Severina kids to create an exclusive One to Watch 'Spyglass' to be awarded to the deserving winners at the shows.

Here are the winners!

One To Watch FW18 - FASHION

DEVON'S DRAWER clothing is built to last for many generations. The American label believes that by making high-quality clothing, and using ethical and environmentally responsible production, we can make the world a better place.

The piece we love: the quilted denim overalls down below, so cute!

Instagram: @devonsdrawer

We couldn't resist posting this picture of Devon's Drawer founder Cynthia Bennett because it is simply amazing:

One To Watch FW18 - DESIGN

Gautier Studio is inspired by children because they clearly have the best philosophy of life. The themes of the collections are developed around play, creativity, and inspiration because learning is at the heart of product design. Games are no longer relegated to the playrooms; on the contrary, they harmonize perfectly with the interior of the house.

The thing we love: the POM POM single bed where your little ones can play (and secondarily, sleep)

Instagram: @gautierstudio


New-York's One-To-Watch winners: Devon's Drawer and Gautier Studio