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Pirouette collaborates with young Spanish brand Frida’s Tierchen

It’s the second season for the Pirouette One To Watch Awards 2017!
Pirouette will return this summer to Playtime Paris and Playtime New York on the lookout for the best emerging talent in kid’s fashion and design.

For the summer edition Pirouette has collaborated with designer Maria Salamanca - designer and founder of Frida’s Tierchen to produce a unique Pirouette One to Watch ‘Wolf’ headpiece as the award - Maria integrated the Pirouette One to Watch eye to her own trademark style design.

The idea behind the awards is to identify, highlight and support emerging talent entering the industry, something Pirouette blog have long championed. The awards are open to new and young brands exhibiting at the shows (4 Years and younger) and will be chosen by both Florence and Katie from Pirouette blog.
“We’re looking for talented and creative collections, with unique design elements and attention to detail. It’s also important to see a strong brand identity with striking imagery and of course high quality products that have been produced responsibly.”

Winners will be selected at each show from two categories 1) Fashion 2) Design.


Pirouette One to Watch ‘Wolf’ headpiece by designer Maria Salamanca