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Motomo is launching two collections at Playtime Berlin

For its very first edition (July 5& 6, 2017), Playtime Berlin will bring together over 120 children's brands. And because style isn’t just about looks but can be found in all other aspects of everyday life, almost a third of the show’s exhibitors will be Lifestyle brands, with collections ranging from design to baby gear, accessories
to toys and gifts.

Among them, Italian brand MOTOMO will present its two new collections called Petali and Pastelli.

MOTOMO is an Italian brand that combines design with the best quality organic materials, to produce textile goods for children and for the home.
MOTOMO stands for "Monday to Monday", as our products are meant for every-day use, in a variety of situations as families go through their busy lives while raising children.

These new collections are the results of investigations on the analog versus digital process and vice-versa. Since recently the use of digital technologies allows designers to be extremely free in the use of colour, nuances and shapes, we used them as design tools, in order to enlarge the possibilities to have unique and always changing patterns.

The icing of the cake: Petali and Pastelli are two collections in which a complex and colorful design digitally printed on organic cotton has obtained a GOTS certification.


MOTOMO new collection