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Milk Japon awards' prize list

Summer is nearly over... (sniff) As it's almost time for us to get our scarves for the autumn/winter season, let's have a little throwback at the summer season with the Playtime Tokyo Milk awards! Carefully selected by Milk Japon, two Playtime Tokyo brands have been awarded in two categories: Fashion, and Editor's Special!
Here are the winners:


The New Society: The conscious and timeless brand for a kids & teens The New Society won the Milk Japon award in the fashion category. Made in Europe, their clothes are made to create beauty. The Spanish brand is committed to the ideal of a new generation, mindful society that encourages dialogue and urges us all to come together and look after each other. "With beauty, with love and with freedom, there is hope."

Instagram : @thenewsociety_kids


Rocket Pear: Created in Portugal, homecountry of more and more stunning kid's fashion brands, Rocket Pear designs kids clothing as a refle​ct​ion of their beliefs such as sustainability and ambient awareness and own particular styles. They are very careful on the selection of materials used in their products using almost all natural fibres and all from local sourcing. The SS19 collection called "The Safari Monster" The SS19 collection combines safari inspired items with sportswear elements, denims and jerseys in its unique design language with a playful approach.

Instagram : @rocketpear


Rocket Pear (right) and The New Society (left)