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Making an impact with Dulis

Pretty neat, a little fun, Dulis shoes are everything you child needs!

Founded in 1981, Dulis is making the little ones feel like walking on sunshine for over 30 years now.

Creating shoes for the ones who just learned to walk and the ones who have been running for a long time already, the brand offers a great range of products.

Some collections are unisex with the main emphasis on comfortable anatomical footbed, which is flexible and universal.

The brand creates comfortable shoes using natural materials of the highest quality. The main focus is not only on modern styles, but the use of non toxic eco leather and no harmful chemicals.

For Dulis, it is important to produce minimum waste when making its products. All footbeds are long-lasting and renewable, made of natural cork, always having enough space for the little growing foot.

Most importantly for the adventurous kids, the renewable footbeds are fully machine washable, and if something goes wrong, Dulis offers to replace the footbeds for all its shoes!

Meet the brand at Playtime Paris (June 29-July 1)!

AW'19 collection of Dulis