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Maison Tadaboum’s First Step at Playtime Paris

Our newest brand is already winning hearts with their first collection

Not only do parents have to listen to the gibberish their kids utter every single day but they also have to make sense of it and understand what the tiny human wants. But when that first sensible word does come out of their mouth, it is a moment to be cherished forever. Something similar happened with the co-founder of our newest brand. When Guillaume Cazaban’s one-year-old son mouthed his first ever word (tadaboum), Guillaume decide to memorialize it by naming the brand he co-founded with Julia Valverde Vicente with it. And thus, Maison Tadaboum was born.

In the words of the brand, ‘Maison Tadaboum is seeing the world and fashion through the eyes of a child.’ Made up of joy, comfort and freedom, the Maison’s premier collection focuses on the relationship between kids and animals. Named, ‘Friends for Life’, the collection honours those who have been, and will remain, faithful to us – our cats and our dogs.

The 67 pieces of clothing and accessories are playful and filled with colour. Made up of modern graphics of illustrated dogs and cats in funny positions, the clothes highlight the infinite amount of love and happiness kids feel towards their pets. The collection also brings an end to the eternal fight between cats and dogs by introducing pieces featuring ‘Team Woof’ and ‘Team Meow’. All you have to do is select the ones you love the most (we won’t tell anyone if you select both!).

The main mantra of the brand is to create fun, beautiful clothes that are easy to wear while being respectful of nature. The brand is conscious of its environmental footprint at every step of production and therefore ensures that all their textiles are Oeko-Teks certified. Produced in Portugal within a fair working environment, Maison Tadaboum is moving towards a sustainable economy from its very inception.

Maison Tadaboum is respecting others, animals and nature. But it is also playful, colourful and having fun.

P.S. Maison Tadaboum premiered at the New Now section of Playtime Paris. You can also see them at Playtime New York (February 9-11) and Playtime Shanghai (February 19-20)

Maison Tadaboum
An eco-friendly Parisian brand with colourful prints and playful clothes for happy kids.