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Let's dance with Tip Toey Joey

Inspired by dance, TIP TOEY JOEY launches the SS18 Confetti collection, a tribute to the free movement.

After seeking inspiration in music and poetry, Tip Toey Joey chooses dance as the theme for the new SS18 Confetti collection. To translate the plurality of this art form, the color palette and the prints bring from the pastel shades of the ballet dancers' delicate skirts to the bright colors of the typical Brazilian dance styles maracatu and frevo rich costumes.

The culture and nature of the Northeast of Brazil also influence the collection: the architecture of the postal- cities Olinda and Recife inspires the impression of bluish arabesques in sandals and sneakers; the palm trees of the coast appear in camouflaged prints and the tropical fruits and flowers are embroidered on some styles à la Carmen Miranda, one of the most famous Brazilian singer, dancer, and actress from the last century. Citrus colors, waves, and metallic details also set the tone.

Created in 2000 by a couple, Ana McInerney and Scott McInerney, a Brazilian publicist and an Australian accountant, the brand was inspired by their newborn daughter, Sofia. Scott painted Sofia's little feet with paint, helped her daughter walk on cardboards, and used the footprints to make the molds and, from them, the prototypes of the shoes. Step by step, Tip Toey Joey grew.

Discover their collection at Playtime Paris and New-York this summer!


SS18 Confetti collection ©Tip Toey Joey