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Less weight, more fun with Light+Nine

A New York based brand brings the concept of truly lightweight bags to the new level!

Student Ergonomic Backpack Hunter

Originally created with a seasonal idea in mind, the first collection of the brand, Eight+Nine, was inspired by warm sunny days spent on the beach in August (8) and approaching back-to-school season of September (9).

The brand is now focusing on a global perspective of making bags that will bring less weight and more fun and excitement to your everyday life, making each journey unique and memorable .

• Light for lightweight

The brand shared the passion for bags for years before production by examining the effects different weights have on little ones' backs.

Light+Nine has been able to develop almost weightless stylish backpacks with ergonomic design for any occasion.

• Nine for taking bags to cloud nine

Easy to carry, Light+Nine bags not only make every your travel more fun, but also more comfortable.

• Plus for more

Not only being more functional and fun, the brand also offers cool nimicks for any taste to style your bag and express your creative personality:

Locally sourced art. Mirroring the inner child, it’s about bringing the creme de la creme of local artistry to global fashion

XOXO. With love from NY. Display you child’s passions with the essence of all things light and predominantly unique.

Italy through the eyes of a child. Dejavu meets sketch at its best, with fancy florals for that whimsical add on.

Angel cards. Your angel face can attach the envelope sketch that hails directly from a cloud.

Prickly temperaments too. Teach them to grow and speak openly of tantrums, but let them express  their prickly side with cactus greens.

As personal as it gets. Spell the full name, the initial or that special message with bold alphabet nimicks.

Tweeny Ergonomic Backpack and Student Ergonomic Backpack in Black n White
Tweeny Ergonomic Backpack and Student Ergonomic Backpack in Sweet Pink
Student Ergonomic Backpack and Tweeny Ergonomic Backpack in Berries
Tweeny Ergonomic Backpack and Student Ergonomic Backpack in Berries
The brand will be at Playtime New York on February (10-12) and for the very first time at Playtime Paris on January (26-28), booth G12!