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Join the seasonal fun with Milledeux

Milledeux invites you to follow the journey of Mille and her two lovely Labradors with the brand's new collection!

Creating exclusive timeless hair accessories that never go out of fashion, Milledeux was founded in 2014, when the founder's daughter, her main source of inspiration, was born.

The name is also inspired by Sofie Andersen's, the brand's CEO, daughter Emilie, as it was originally called "Emilie et Les Deux Chiens" meaning "Emilie and the two dogs" in French. Mille was Emilie's nickname, so in the end it was decided to go with a shorter version of the name.

Paying unique attention to detail, the brand provides a wide range of products such as hair clips, hair bands, Iphone covers, pins and lovely butterflies.

Milledeux launches special collections for all seasons and holidays.

A common thread throughout their universe is a deep love and passion for creating amazing products with an enchanting tale where the imagination sets no limits.

Here is a sneak peek of the brand's upcoming collections:

Placing emphasis on the highest quality standards, all the brand's products are handmade with nickel free clip. Having only hairstylist-grade alligator clips with no teeth, its beautifully styled hair accessories are strong enough to stay put in the thinnest of hair and even very short hair.

Join Milledeux in their daily adventures, as they playfully explore the world!