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In conversation with... The Campamento

This week we are bringing you a story of a brand that is forged by the experiences of each person who is behind the brand. Curious? Read the full conversation between Pirouette and The Campamento to know more about the brand.

Who inspires you and why?

We find inspiration in the little details of the day to day. You can find beauty anywhere, for us the main thing is the way you look at things. You don't have to look only at big names, be it personalities or places, because through observation you can be inspired by things you would never say. Of course there are people who inspire you because they found a new vision of their immovable reality, and the common thing in all these personalities is the open minded vision of their time. Through our brand we want to tell stories about the reality that surround us with our particular vision.

What makes the brand unique / stand out?

As mentioned before we think each brand is unique. A brand is a story that the people behind the brand want to tell, and this story is forged by the experiences of each person. This is why our brand is unique, because we tell our story.

When did you first exhibit at Playtime?

We exhibited at Playtime in June of 2018, just 1 month after signing the documents to found the company. This first season at Playtime was a very big step for the brand.