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Feel Simply Beautiful With Lison Paris

Swimsuits that make you feel elegant and pretty at the beach

If you live by the beach, you probably know that swimming is not just a chore that smells of chlorine water. Rather, it is a lifestyle made up of tan lines and sunscreen lotion, and flip-flops and sandcastles. For all the beach babes out there, Lison Paris brings to you a range of swimsuits and caftans to make everyday a beach day!

Created in 2015 by two sisters, Alexandra and Olivia, Lison Paris was born out of a crazy dream filled with passion and generosity. The main concept of the brand revolved around designing exquisite, delicate and feminine swimsuits for little girls with high quality fabrics. Lison Paris finds its roots deep in the stories of Alexandra and Olivia’s family. The bikinis carry with them their childhood memories, an air full of laughter and the smell of warm skin after a long sunny day.

The collections of Lison Paris have a slight vintage air with a touch of romanticism and a whole lot of fun. The almost poetic swimsuits are made up of beautiful ruffles that instantly give them a boost of feminine grace and elegance. Made of the most beautiful cotton voile, the swimsuits are not just practical but also have a personality of their own.

As Lison Paris focuses on the adventures of the sea world, the brand contributes in keeping the oceans clean by using fabrics made from the waste found in oceans. The luxurious Italian fabric used by the brand is almost 80% ECONYL® - a recycled fiber made from nylon waste (plastic particles, fishing nets and other discarded materials). The waste is then transformed into a first-grade nylon fiber, which has the same qualities as that of virgin nylon. This doesn’t stop the brand from creating beautiful ruffles that dance in the air. Lison Paris has mastered the three qualities of being a brilliant brand – sustainable, practical and stylish.

Lison Paris takes sustainability one-step further by using eco-friendly packaging for their eco-friendly swimsuits. Made from cornstarch, the packaging product is biodegradable but not an inferior material as compared to its synthetic counterparts. The cornstarch packaging will eventually breakdown into carbon dioxide and water within several months, thereby creating a low environmental impact.

Lison Paris is not just about creating beautiful swimsuits (although they do make pretty pieces!). It’s about making the beach your happy place – with salty winds in your hair, sand on your feet and happiness all around you.

Lison Paris
Poetic swimsuits made up of beautiful ruffles and exquisite details