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Discover Milk Awards winners at Playtime Berlin 3rd edition

Playtime Berlin has taken place for the 3rd time! MilK magazine team glanced through the Palazzo Italia in search of talents to present its famous Awards, Fashion, Home and Best in France. Let's discover the brands that captured their hearts!


PLAY UP: Founded by a Portuguese family with a strong background in the textile industry, Play Up has been in children's fashion business for over 3 decades.

Milk team, as all other seasons, adored their new SS19 collection, in which the brand uses organic cotton, certified Okeo-Tex, for at least 50% of the collection.

The Milk Magazine specially loved the brand's collaboration with Anna Westerlund, a ceramicist of Swedish and Portuguese origin and mother of 4 children. This collection is inspired by a fine earthiness with a touch of creativity.

Play Up reminds us once again the importance for a brand to develop its universe and its lifestyle by growing in the hearts of parents. Thumbs up to Play Up!

Instagram: @_playup_

Play Up SS19 Collection


MON FAB'L: Delicate natural rattan beddings? Yes, a thousand times! Young Polish brand, Mon Fab'l is literally touched by magic, where every little baby can find peace and harmony. Their natural rattan cribs and the most delicate baby bedding will put everyone in awe until you will want to be a little baby yourself again. And of course, Milk team was fascinated by this stunning brand's first collection!

Congratulations and keep up the good work Mon Fab'l!

Instagram: @monfabl_com

Mon Fab'l First Collection


COCLICO: What if your interiors would be designed for the needs of the entire family? Modular children's furniture is the solution for the needs of all Family Members. Inspired by the Montessori method, Coclico designed their new collection with a special feature that the furniture adapts to the individual needs of children age of 2 to 7. It provides a safe and nurturing environment for the growth and development of the child’s anatomy. All their materials are natural (wood, wool) and made in factories that employs people with special needs.

Let's also not forget that it allows little ones to move their furnitures around according to their preference and supports children's independence in their homes!

Milk team couldn't overlook brand's ethical, aesthetic, and intelligent design and presented the brand with Best In Germany award!

Our warm congratulations goes to Coclico for the hard work they have put in!

Instagram: @coclico_montessori

COCLICO Design Kids’ Furniture Collection


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